5 Famous people from London

London is a world power of economics and media. Many famous people who are known around the world come from London from escorts to actors it really is a place of affluence. This list could be massive but I just wanted to list a few.

1# David Beckham


is a worldwide icon who came to fame because his football talents.  He was born in Leytonstone, London in 1975 and started his Premiership football career at Manchester united in 1995 and it was a success story from then on. Possibly the most famous midfielder of all time he was renowned for making brave moves which solidly established him as a world class player. David Beckham became a hero for the Nation during his numbers plays for the England team and a heart-throb for women because of his handsome looks. As well as being a football player David beckham is also a success full business man who has a range of fashion items for sale.

2# Queen Victoria


is possibly the most well-known Queen around the world due to the British Empire. The country loved her and because of this many places around the world were named after Queen Victoria as they were discovered.  It’s quite amazing how many places there actually are – possibly hundreds. Australia used to be a part of the British Empire and the city of Queensland was named after the Monarch – not bad really since it is the second largest city in Australia.  Mount Victoria in New Zeeland was also named after you know who. High class London escorts have not even travelled as far as the places named after Queen Victoria. The famous Victoria falls was named by the explorer David Livingstone way back in 1855.

3# Alfred Hitchcock


Is an inspirational film director who many associate with Hollywood but, he was actually born in Essex close to London. Alfred Hitchcock became known for his unique filming style which he used to create suspense which was perfect for his speciality genre: Physiological Horror. Alfred Hitchcock became a US citizen in 1955 and died in 1980.

4# Charlie Chaplin


is a god like figure who was a Comic actor from London, England. During the late 19th Century was a rough place for the common families so Charlie’s early life was a struggle not only for this reason but, his family had many problems. His Dad was hardly ever around and his mother went insane. This shaped his mind which would drive him to become one of the most famous comic actors of all time. In the early days most films had known sound so to be a comic you had to use body movements to create a persona.

5# Kate Moss


She is a beautiful girl who is one of the only girls in London to be hotter than these two London couple escorts from Couple VIP. The structure of her face and thin figure was a perfect asset during the 1990’s as the “Heroin Chic” was at the high of fashion in London and the rest of UK. Ironically the main reason for being in the newspapers was because of her infamous partying and drug use. Nobody can deny that Kate most is a beautiful woman and a great fashion model.

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