60th anniversary of Playboy

In the adult and fashion industries there are few names more iconic than Playboy. This world wide brand has become synonymous with beautiful women wearing very few clothes. The 60th anniversary cover of the renowned magazine features someone equally as iconic as the brand itself. The infamous model known for being part of the heroin chic movement of the mid nineties and dating singer Pete Doherty. One of the most known faces in the world that was the face of Rimmel London until she had her contract terminated due to perceived drug use was thought to give the wrong image. Kate Moss can be seen in some leaked images of this landmark edition of Playboy in full bunny attire, not the most racy of pictures that the magazine has ever featured but it is the perfect way to mark the historical event.

The Croydon born model poses in just a velvet mask and bunny ears and seductively pulling off her bow tie showing off her toned body for the camera. There are few people that look as comfortable in front of a camera and have had such influential careers in the fashion industry. It is more acceptable for models to be older these days but Kate Moss seems to have remained timeless. Many of my friends who are models and some of the sexiest London escorts at Yummy Asian London hold her in such high regard that they would give anything to meet her.

As an added bonus to the 60th issue Marc Jacobs has joined forces with the adult giant to design a t-shirt featuring the exclusive cover photo. All proceeds from the sales will go to Aids charity and are thought to be in high demand. The 60th anniversary issue of Playboy will be out in January/February of 2014 and stands to be a major landmark in the history of both the adult and fashion industries.

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