7 Escort Services in London worth booking adult performers from

Dont Know Who to Choose

When you would like to book an escort for an hour in London there are many choices available, so many in fact – it can be hard to choose!


A better agency is always around the corner

Every now and again you need to try a new agency. That is just how booking escorts works.

Maybe you booked too many times from your last provider, and a getting bored of the girls. Or maybe you just want to see if there is a service out there that can better provide for your needs. That is why we have created this list of escort services worth booking from in London.


Which escort agencies in London are actually worth trying?

It’s great when you find an adorable new independent girl to see on occasion, but as gentlemen we all know one of the major selling points of meeting escorts is to arrange encounters with new and exotic ladies. So, finding a reliable new London escort agency service is tantamount to finding a trove of treasure.

That’s what we are here to do for you today. Introduce you to a veritable trove of 7 fantastic escort services based in London! These are agencies we have handpicked for you for various outstanding reasons, which will be listed below.


7 London escort agencies to book escorts from this 2017

We have ordered this list in order of our least favourite to most favourite. This makes the escort service at number one the best and seven the worst. However, all of these London escort agencies are great –  we can use all of them without any issues – so don’t take the order to heart too much!

The information in this article was last checked and updated on 13/06/2017

We have included the business phone number and website address, just in case you want to take it a step further and book a London escort.


7: Flirt Escorts

At number 7, Flirt is a fairly new agency offering competitive services. Clean looking website, gorgeous galleries of escorts available for £300.

Bookings line: 07000191919

URL: http://www.flirt-escorts.com/

Our first choice is a new start up agency, we wanted to give them a chance and see if the beautiful Abbie was available. She was available and ready to meet clientele, and thus we have placed Flirt on our list due to amazing services rendered!

We can’t attest to the quality of the other escorts featured at this agency, but the customer service by Flirt was top-notch. They gave us all the information we needed to meet Abbie without any problems, and made sure the whole engagement was processed smoothly.


6: London Escort Models UK

At number 6, LEMUK is always reliable and eager to take your call. With 20 years in business, these guys take more bookings and have more girls than you would imagine.

Bookings line: 07500060335

URL: https://www.london-escort-models-uk.com/

The London Escort Models (or LEMUK) have been around for quite a long time. You see them on Google whilst you search for escorts every now and again. They have the largest London escort gallery we have ever seen.

While bookings with some of the high class escorts on the site might require advance notice, there’s usually lots of London escorts available on any given day!

We like the LEMUK agency because you can always find a date in your price range, whether it’s an extended week away with a travel courtesan or just a couple of hours with a local lady.


5: Secrets London

At number 5, Secrets London is one of those agencies we see all the time but never book from. Turns out after a couple of outcalls, our verdict is pretty good!

Bookings line: 07393578410

URL: https://www.secretslondon.co.uk

Secrets London are very focused on delivering high quality & elite experiences in specific parts of London. Their website has extensive and handy information for gentlemen looking to book an adult encounter, and out of all the agencies on this list – this is the service that caters to bespoke adult entertainment.

Secrets London agency has a feature that NO OTHER LONDON ESCORT AGENCY can provide. That is the hotel booking feature. On Secrets London, they have covered every single hotel in London so you can learn about arranging an appointment in your specific London hotel! Extremely impressive!


4: London Seduction Girls

At number 4, London Seduction Girls is a service that always pushes for the best encounters. They want you to have the best time and come back for more, and it shows! Lots of VIP ladies available with this provider.

Bookings line: 07470685310

URL: http://www.londonseductiongirls.co.uk/

The London Seduction Girls have earned their position on this list with hard work and a fantastic site. They are an extremely dedicated service that puts client satisfaction at the top of the hierarchy.

From the moment you step on their website to look for a London escort, you will find it extremely oriented towards helping you pick out the perfect date. There are FAQs, in depth interviews with escorts, and everything you need to know before you choose a companion.

Other perks of booking from the London Seduction agency include a 24 hour operating service, all reviews published (bad and good), lots of helpful escort related articles for customers, and of course the staple set of extraordinary girls that place this agency at number four on our list.


3: AJ London Escorts

At number 3, this agency is a great place to call if you want to meet a girl in London right now! AJ’s caters to short notice bookings and offers one of the most affordable rate formats for escort bookings in London.

Bookings line: 07501911524

URL: http://www.ajlondonescorts.co.uk/

AJ’s London Escorts deal in cheap London escort services, and in this price bracket they are pretty much unmatched. If you wanted a companion for an overnight stay it is only £720!

The thing is, we don’t go to book from AJ when we want a cheap escort appointment. We go to book from them because they have some really enchanting women on the site, and they always turn up looking like they did on the tin!

While AJ’s has plenty of women to pick from, they are one of the most popular agencies operating in the city and are always very busy!

We cannot really find fault with this agency, they react quickly to short notice requests and the receptionists are usually very friendly. We’d recommend preparing the tips the girls, they do go the extra mile.


2: Park Lane Escorts

At number 2, high class London agency Park Lane never fails to deliver an impressively beautiful and seductive escort. They cover most of London and have some elusive ladies you cannot find elsewhere!

Bookings line: 07866840000

URL: http://www.parklaneescorts.com/

Park Lane escorts is a rather impressive agency. They deliver an immaculate gallery of elite girls (very large gallery of high class London escorts), and while the rates tend to be on the expensive side – no part of the service is lacking.

Park Lane is the best escort agency on this list for booking international appointments. Many of their ladies are open to worldwide travel companion opportunities.

For the regular customers of Park Lane escorts there is also a members gallery, allowing you access to some of the naughty extra images the ladies provide! Bonus!


1: Rachael’s London Escorts

At number 1, Rachael’s London escorts is definitely an agency we enjoy booking escorts from. We’ll always be back whenever a new girl takes our fancy! The rates are fair, the gallery of escorts is large. Many services are provided on the profile pages so you know what you’re in for. What’s not to like?

Bookings line: 07762426943

URL: http://www.rachaelslondonescorts.co.uk/

Rachael’s has earned the top spot on our list due to several key reasons:

  • Good gallery of escorts in London (the rates aren’t bad either!)
  • Services are listed on the escort profiles (find the right escort for you with ease)
  • This agency is underrated (their escorts should get more attention)

This concise list aside, Rachael’s really is a great London escort agency if you’re looking to get a straightforward escort appointment. No time wasted, no nasty surprises, just a pretty girl at your door. Just what the doctor ordered.

As the whole team at Londonews has had a successful and enjoyable run in with one of the courtesans from Rachael’s London Escorts before, we’re extremely happy to place this agency at number one on the list. Congratulations, you guys deserve it!


Who are we and how do we have the authority to tell you where to book escorts?

At Londonews we spend a lot of time setting up encounters with adult performers in London, it is where we are based and conduct a lot of business. As such, we like to try new escorts and new escort agencies. Sometimes you can find an excellent place to book escorts, with ladies right around the corner or outstanding customer service. Take a look around our website and read some articles, you will find we know a lot about escorting in London and the UK!


How we have created this list of London escort services

When choosing to make a list for our audience and send them off booking from various different London escort services, it was important to make sure every pick was somewhere you can just grab the phone and book a decent escort encounter.

No time wasters, no tacked-on services, and no nasty surprises. Just a London escort agency with a nice selection of professional & discreet ladies to choose from.

This is by no means a selection of the top agencies in London (there are a couple), but you can come and pick out any London escort agency on this list, resting easy knowing the lady being dispatched to you is of the highest quality.


Instead of writing about the punt specifically, we will try to remain objective and talk about the customer service and the quality of the agency involved. Please by no means take this list as fact, but we are quite proud of how it turned out! Brilliant places to get your girls from!



Don’t like any of the above agencies? Try Escort Genie or Ace Sexy

Although our list of escort services above is absolutely amazing and completely infallible in every way, we’re sure a few of you out there read this and thought: “I hate all of these”.

If you are looking for more agencies in London outside of this list, our first recommendation is to check out Ace Sexy Escorts. This agency offers bookings in London at an extremely low price, so if you are on a budget give them a try. Ace Sexy Escort is definitely cheaper than any of the other candidates who made it into the top 7 list.

Alternatively, why not try the Escort Genie directory? They have a range of options and at a glance, it appears the majority of listings are authentic.

Just be warned, we can’t attest to the quality of any of the escort services you find on Escort Genie. Be careful!