A brief history of the tube

Did you know that the London Underground has actually got quite a considerable history to it. There’s more to the train lines than you think, so next time you get on to the London underground and complain about the journey you’ve experienced with it. From originally being created in 1843, it wasn’t actually an underground system until twenty years later when it connected Paddington (which was then called Bishop’s road) and Farringdon Street. Prior to this it was known as the ‘Thames tunnel’ which was built by Sir Marc Brunel and his son. As time drifted by, so did the improvements to the London Underground system.
In 1868 the metropolitan track was created, obviously not the full thing but a part of it. Later on, other parts of the line were laid, but the Metro started from South Kensington to Westminster. As the success of the track was huge, it was no wonder that a year later we would see steam trains take to the tracks. The first tube tunnel then opened from the tower of London to Bermondsey, in 1880. As the circle line was completed in 1884, everything finally seemed as if it was coming together. Everything then became modern fast as electricity was introduced down underground, in order to power the trains, this was in 1890. By 1902, the Underground Electric Railway Company of London was formed.
There were many advancements throughout the 20th century, non as significant as others past, however they were more frequent due to quick advancements in technology. Things like air operated doors and aluminium trains were superb finishing touches to the system. There were some tragedies in the history of the underground as well, the fire at kings cross was a tragedy that the whole UK mourned. The blaze took 31 lives. We did see something come from this fire however, stricter and safer regulations were now put into place in order to protect future commuters.
As much as I’d like to go on, there simply isn’t enough time in the day to talk about all of the key moments in the history of the London Underground. Just remember next time your on your way to rendezvous with one of our escorts from  that the train you take might actually be more cultured than you.


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