Are You A Love Addict?

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Here’s something to think about the next time you’re in a peaceful place where your thoughts are clear of static and you’re perfectly serene – perhaps the next time you’re enjoying Male massage. London life is so frantic that sometimes it obscures the problems churning within us. There are so many distractions, we may well have lived life without understanding our core issues. And one of those, for many people, is most definitely love addiction. Just as people find themselves behaving compulsively in terms of physical expressions of love, so they can with the more psychological/romantic aspects of it. Like any addiction, it comes in a variety of guises and there is no ‘one way’ of being hooked on love. We may be in a relationship and obsessed with our partner – where they are, what they’re doing, whether they’re being faithful. We could be fixated on an ex. Or we may have someone in our sights, someone whose love we’re convinced would solve everything and make us whole. It could be that we hop from relationship to relationship, hooked on the initial, drug-like feelings of love but completely unwilling to go beyond to the next, less exciting phases. Whatever the case, love addiction could be making a mess of our lives. For instance, some people will completely disregard the other aspects of existence – work, creativity, friendship, hobbies, travel, fun – because they are giving all their energy to love and/or romantic intrigue.

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Examine your own life without the use of rose-tinted glasses, and you may be able to determine whether or not you’re a love addict, and – if so – how severe your addiction is. Like most compulsive illnesses, love addiction is likely to get worse, not better, over time – unless apprehended. Do you become emotionally attached to people you barely know? Do you have an inordinate fear of abandonment or loneliness? Have you stayed in bad relationships because you think you can’t end them? Do you fantasise – about things like being rescued? Do you believe that romantic love is the answer to happiness? Saying yes to one or more of these could be a sign that you’re not functioning healthily when it comes to matters of the heart. First, you need to relax in order to make a fresh start. It could be a meditation class (or a guided meditation you can listen to at home) or a therapy like Male massage. London, fortunately, is also full of support groups you can turn to – just do an internet search for ‘love addiction’ and you’ll find one near you. There, you’ll find help from people who know exactly where you’ve been – the depths of self-loathing and the self-destructive pursuit of an unrealistic idea of perfect love. You’re not alone and now you can emerge back into full health, with help from male massage in London