Asian Tourists in London

Last week CNN announced that London was officially the most visited city in the world, overtaking Paris for the number 1 spot. Although this came to disagreement and indeed resentment from the Parisian government, the overall numbers and statistical figures were pretty difficult to argue against however. The London tourism board are continually seeking out new ways to attract tourists and seeking new potential investors that will improve on their current trend. One such country is India, one of the worlds economic superpowers and home to 1.3 billion people it appears they are the country that everybody wants to welcome.

You can never underestimate the significance and the importance of a healthy tourism board. It can single-handedly support a city and in turn a country, and the inclusion of tourists allows the city to redevelop and spend money on more facilities and features that will attract more tourists. London are the premium example of this and have set the benchmark for how to do this. Now however they enter a totally ball game by promoting the city of London to the people of Asia.

It has recently been reported by the BBC, that travel representations for London have been in Mumbai on promotional business in an attempt to attract many of the now travelling Asian citizens. With a potential market of over 1 billion people this country is highly sought after although London now appears to be taking the lead. Recently Indians have been traveling shorter distances for holidays such as Thailand and Asia, although London welcomed over 12000 Asian citizens to shore over the course of 2013. This comes after the recent developments that Asia are having increasing amounts of wealth and economical stability enabling them to travel abroad for further distances.

This is surely going to be a battle worth fighting for and one that will be highly contested from the likes of the U.S.A, China and other European countries. What London has to its benefit is rich historical ties dating back to British raj and other major influences. London also has over 500,000 Asian inhabitants making it a more inviting choice of destination for any unsure Indian traveler. London also has rich Asian influences that will be seen as a major attraction such as their rich abundance of Asian bars and restaurants and of course Asian escort agencies such as Naughty Shemalesmaking their stay a far more appealing prospect.

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