Best Restaurants in London to Enjoy with your Independent Escort

eve london escort
Eve is a Gorgeous Independent London Escort

Welcome back to my blog, I’ve got a new post for you today where I will be talking about where you can go with one of the many gorgeous Independent London escorts. I’ve recently had a booking with a fashion model and high class escort who goes by the name of Eve (you can find her website at and for the first time I’d had trouble finding the ideal restaurant to get the most enjoyment out of the time I was about to spend with her on my dinner date before heading back to the hotel. Eve has a pretty strict booking scheme, she will only meet with certain people and will also only accept overnight or weekend bookings, which makes it quite costly to spend an evening with her.

With this in mind I realized that a quiet retreat back to my hotel room simply wouldn’t be enough and I had to think outside the box a little. In the end, I got my act together and planned for the entire weekend, but I figured this would be a great time to add a post about this topic so that all of you readers can avoid this situation yourselves. So, here we go! My top 3 recommended restaurants to visit to wine and dine one of the many gorgeous independent ladies in London.

#3: Gastronhome, 59 Lavender Hill, SW11 5QN

Gastronhome restaurant
Gastronhome Restaurant Front

Gastronhome is a restaurant serving some of the most delightful French cuisine in the city, with a varied menu with plenty of vegetarian and vegan friendly options. This was actually the restaurant I decided to go to with Eve, so I can personally vouch for the romantic ambience which makes this venue truly stand out as one of the best options for your escort booking in London this evening. The dishes here can be somewhat on the pricey side, but for the quality of food and service this is but a minor trifle.

#2: Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, 68 Hospital Road, SW3 4HP

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay
Inside View of The Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

No list of restaurants for the purpose of enjoying an evening with a London escort would be complete without this gem. This Michelin starred restaurant is one of the top venues for a booking experience in London with food provided by world famous master chefs such as [name]. This restaurant does have a strict formal dress code, so please be aware that you will be expected to be suited and booted. However for the sheer quality of the cuisine that can be offered here you shouldn’t need to worry about anything.

#1: The Five Fields, 8-9 Blacklands Terrace, SW3 2SP

Five Fields Restaurant
Inside The Five Fields

When it comes to providing exquisite British cuisine, there are few restaurants better suited than the Five Fields. The kitchens are managed by chefs Taylor Bonnyman and Head Chef Marguerite Keogh, two highly trained chefs who have worked in some of the most famous London kitchens and have gathered quite a bit of experience over their time. The restaurant itself is one of the most atmospheric in London and is a perfect choice for you to enjoy your time with a gorgeous model escort.

So there we have it, the top restaurants for your booking experience in London. These are the venues which in my experience have proven time and time again to be the very best for a dinner date booking with one of the countless exquisite ladies in the city. Of course, there are plenty of other restaurants and if you’ve got a personal favourite it’s well worth suggesting this to your chosen companion. Just be sure that you clear it up with the girl first and make sure she doesn’t have any problems with the restaurant you’ve chosen.