Bonfire night in London 2016: events

It was a shame that Halloween was on a Monday this year, but with Bonfire night being next Saturday this 2016, everybody is getting excited and you will find all of your favorite local London haunts preparing for the festivities this weekend. Are you looking for somewhere in London to get stuck in this Bonfire night? Would you like to get a round in with your pals or book an elite escort for some fun & thrills while the fireworks go off? Take a look at this article, we’ll introduce you to what’s going on this Saturday.


Saturday 5th November 2016: Bonfire night events in London

The Magic Garden

The Magic Garden is an extremely well positioned pub ideally suited for individuals and couples seeking a place to sit and drink, eat, chat, and have fun while being in the perfect place to see a large range of the firework displays. They have a great pub garden, if you’re looking to set up camp this Saturday Bonfire night, the Magic Garden is indeed an excellent choice. Why do we recommend the Magic Garden first? Well, we think it’s best to enjoy the festivities from a nice comfy seat in the pub instead of a muddy field somewhere.


Battersea Park Fireworks Display

If you haven’t heard of the fireworks at Battersea Park, you must have not been in London long, as it’s one of the largest displays you can check on the night out. Grab a seat in a pub or restaurant nearby, maybe get some grub and watch the epilepsy light show begin. Click here if you would like to order a ticket and learn more about the Fireworks and fun this Saturday at Battersea Park. It begins at 6PM, and food and drinks are available.


Fireworks at Alexandra Palace

While having never been to the Alexandra palace firework show myself before, I have heard a never ending stream of good things about it. The reason it’s featured in our guide today is because a certain individual may bite my ears off if I don’t feature it. Moreover, after doing some research online the Alexandra Palace Fireworks show has remarkably high reviews! Maybe I’ll have to check it out this year…. See you there?

Primrose Hill

If you aren’t particularly fond of crowds but want to see some firework displays, why not go to the undisputed best spot in London to see them? There is no place better than Primrose Hill park to see the displays, unfortunately this year the park will be shutting early due to massive amounts of mess in previous years. However, before 9PM Primrose Hill will be the best view of Bonfire Night in London.

Top pick: The Shard


A few years back I had the fortune to be spending Bonfire Night in the Shard hotel during Bonfire Night. It was epic. If you can book in a room high up in the Shard for the evening this Saturday, you will receive the best Fireworks display of all. Not to mention, you can bring one of your escort models with you to enhance the evening even further!