Booking a High Class Escort in London – The Ins and Outs

There are many reasons why booking a high class escort might be a good course of action for you in the near future, so we’ve decided to write an article giving you more information on what to expect when you book your companion. This article is going to be covering how to book these high class London escorts, where you can go with them and a simple outline of the etiquette you will need to follow. Read on and find out more about what you can do to ensure your booking with an escort is the best it can possibly be!

Finding the Right Agency

One of the most important aspects of booking an escort is to find the perfect agency to suit your needs. Make sure you check into the legitimacy of any agency by using tools like reverse image search to check whether the agency is simply using photos of Instagram models or stock imagery for their profiles. Have a look for some reviews and make sure that the agency is trustworthy before giving them a call.

An example of a great agency to choose when you’re looking for a high class companion is Pure London Escorts, they’re a reasonably new agency which have recently started to show up around London and we have to say, we’re impressed. They have a lot of gorgeous girls and we can personally vouch for their legitimacy having booked from them ourselves, although there are plenty of other great agencies which can provide you an excellent standard of service.

Pure London Escorts Homepage

Booking Your Escort

Once you’ve found the perfect agency for your needs, booking is fairly simple. Just give the agency a call and you could be well on your way to booking one of the most astonishingly beautiful ladies in the city. Many agencies will also have alternative booking methods like an online booking form or a bookings email.

The best agencies tend to recruit reception staff with excellent knowledge of London and the places within. They introduce their staff to their girls and let them get to know each other so that they can provide you with educated advice about where to take your companion and who is best to suit the particular needs of a specific client.

What Happens When You Meet Your Escort?

When you meet your escort, you’ll generally do so at your hotel room or your escort’s private residence. Once you meet, general etiquette requires you to leave the donation for the time spent with you in an easily visible location which your escort will usually specify. This should be made in cash in an unsealed envelope.

You will then have a quick chat to outline your plans for your time together and you’ll begin your booking. With high class ladies, it’s recommended that you go for more than an hour and spend some time getting to know the lady you’ve chosen, which brings us to our next point.

Where to Take Your Escort

Hotel in London
There are countless hotels in London which are perfect for high class escort bookings

There are all sorts of suitable locations around London, with plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from as well as high end luxury hotels which give you and your lady absolute comfort to enjoy in each other’s company. We have an article about London’s most luxurious bars from a few months ago, which may well be worth checking out if you’re interested in knowing more about where is appropriate for a few drinks with a high class companion. You can find this article below.

Wherever you decide to go with your companion, make sure you have a few ideas in mind and run them by the lady you’ve chosen when your booking begins. Also make sure to make it clear that you’re looking for a dinner date booking or you plan to go out for a few drinks so that the agency can provide a lady for you with this in mind.

Finishing Up Your Booking

Once your booking is over, it’s always worth giving your escort a tip if you feel you’ve enjoyed yourself. This will create a good impression of you and will certainly mean that during your next booking with this escort she’ll try even harder to please you. This may even spread to other girls from the same agency, so it’s certainly good practice to follow.

We have another article on our blog which can help you with some ideas of what you can do after your booking concludes and also some ideas of what to do while you wait for your booking to begin, so have a read and see if there’s anything in there that takes your fancy.

That’s all for our team here at Londonews today, feel free to browse through our site for more information about escort services in London and the surrounding areas.