Chelsea vs Basel 2013 Champions League

Football is a sport that can unite a nation. Although we are all divided by our clubs in Britain the love of the game runs through a large percentage of the population. I was with a couple of Chelsea escorts from Sirens London last night having a drink when I began talking to a person in the bar about the awful performance that Chelsea put in against a Basel team that had already beaten them before in the group stages of the champions league. I am always very eager to talk football with anyone who would listen and was more than happy when the high class bar I was in with my friends had the match on, and several people watching the West London team play.

It was a lackluster performance where there was only one shot at goal recorded by the London team. You would have thought that already having been beat earlier this season they would be out for revenge but like so many times this season the attack looked toothless. At the St Jakob Park stadium the atmosphere was flat and and uninspiring and eventually Chelsea would lose due to a lack of concentration. One thing that Chelsea are always known for is solid defensive performances and they were hit by a quick counter attack, which will not please the coaching staff.

Chelsea do go through which was pointed out to me by one of the girls that I was with who is also a fan, thanks to Schalke only managing a draw but is this what we can expect from this London team in the future rounds. Against better opposition the game will have to be bettered and by some distance. Samuel Eto’o was injured just before half time and the injury looks like he may be out for some time but this led to the introduction of a returning Fernando Torres. The form of the Spanish striker has been improving under Mourinho and there was a feeling of anticipation at seeing the striker enter the action but the truth is that the subdued approach of Chelsea was already ingrained in the match.

With the wealth of talent that Chelsea have this should have been a revenge mission with few complications but they made hard work for themselves. The performance was bad and although Mourinho took the blame for not making more changes surely players of this caliber should be able to play twice in 4 days. The December congestion period is fast approaching there will have to be a turn in fortunes or this could be a miserable time for Chelsea fans. Will we see a dip in form that seems to come every season since Jose Mourinho left the first time or will this new and rejuvenated side push on and set the league alight with their form? We will have to wait and see.

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