Christmas Parties in Knightsbridge

It is that time of year again and the Christmas parties are booked in and staff will be celebrating the season in usual fashion. Many companies though are choosing to steer clear of the embarrassing parties that lead to weeks if not months of office gossip after the date and going more for a sophisticated soiree. We have all been part of the party where one staff member has had too much to drink and makes a fool of themselves only to regret their actions the day after, or the one brave soul who believes that this is the perfect moment to inform their boss what they think of them.

After the financial uncertainty of the past years many businesses are now noting a large increase in profits and this directly affects other businesses in the surrounding areas. For example in Knightsbridge party planners have noted a 50% increase in the amount of bookings that they are taking from companies and are arranging much more lavish parties for the staff.

The escorts Mayfair from Crush Escorts have seen an increase in business as well and are noting that with the more elegant parties the business men are wanting to take a high class model with them as a ‘plus one’ to make the best impression. They are wanting to be talked about for the right reasons at these parties so attend with a beautiful model on their arm and enjoy the looks of that coworkers throw their way.

Back before the world descended into a recession based doom and gloom many large companies would take the best performing staff away for Christmas parties and although we are not back to these times quite yet it is clear to see that business as a whole is on the upward trend. Zuma in Knightsbridge, a stones throw from ‘hedge fund alley’ the function room is fully booked apart from 3 nights on the lead up to Christmas.

Perhaps the move away from the drunken parties in the office is a good thing for the image of companies and inter-staff relations but the high class soirees do seem to leave something to be desired when it comes to a Christmas party. Whichever party you are attending this festive period it is good to see that businesses are now investing in their staff again as this was one of the first signs of trouble when the parties get smaller. The country is recovering or at least stabilizing and this means we could be in for a lucrative Christmas this year.

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