Confidential Models – In Review

Hello and welcome once again to our blog! In today’s article we’re going to be reviewing an escort agency we’ve been trying recently and giving you an idea of what they have to offer you. This is an agency called Confidential Models, and when it comes to delivering exceptional standards of service they are truly second to none.

We found this agency a few months ago and since then we’ve been to visit quite a few of their ladies and have asked plenty of questions with the reception staff. If you’re interested in booking with this agency and would like some recommendations, keep reading as we’ll be giving you some information about our favourites. All in all though, they have plenty of girls to choose from and you’re pretty much guaranteed a great time no matter which of their ladies you decide to choose.

Who Are Confidential Models

Confidential Models are an elite escort agency offering a wide variety of ladies for gentlemen like us to enjoy the company of in London. They have chosen a wide range of ex and current model ladies to represent their agency and the services they offer are genuinely high class. Their selection of models spans over at least 40 girls, all of whom are exceptionally beautiful ladies possessing natural sex appeal and intellect.

They are open 24/7 and have rates starting at around the £300 mark, leading up to the more expensive ladies who charge as much as £700 per hour. While it’s true that these ladies are a little on the pricey side, this reflects the quality of service you will receive when booking them, so don’t hesitate to contact them and ask about what they can offer you personally. They explain at length on their homepage that they strive to make their customers happy and for us this is a big reason why we decided to give them a try.

The Confidential Models website features a blog, location and category functions, a gallery, a recruitment page for escort applications and a bookings form which you can use to discreetly contact the agency and arrange your booking. We usually contact them through their booking line however, which you can get through to at 07393590649. Their reception team are well experienced and will be able to help you find the perfect venue and lady to suit your plans for the evening.

The Best Venues for Your Booking With a Confidential Models Escorts

When booking a high class lady like what’s available over at Confidential Models, it’s important that you choose a fitting location before doing so. Of course, it’s best to ensure you’ve spent a bit of time considering your options and preparing a few different options in case your chosen escort has slightly different tastes. Below we have a few suggestions that are likely to go down a treat, so if you’re struggling to find the right venue for your evening, read on!

Core by Clare Smyth, 92 Kensington Park Road, Notting Hill, London, W11 2PN – Who doesn’t love dining in style with a glass of champagne and a gorgeous woman to keep them company? We know we do and with some of the top cuisine in London prepared by highly trained and professional chefs there’s little more that this restaurant could offer. They have great food, friendly staff and an intimate atmosphere that’s sure to make any date truly unforgettable. Providing a range of cuisines from France, Ireland and all over Europe, they certainly have the variety to keep you coming back again and again for more, so book a table and meet your escort here for an experience that will truly blow your mind.

Dukes Bar – This bar is famous for providing excellent standards of individually catered service to it’s customers, with plenty of variety on offer and a sophisticated atmosphere that make it second to none when it comes to a spot for you and your high class escort to break the ice. This gives you plenty of opportunities to bond with your escort and get to know her before continuing on with your booking.

Our Top Recommendations for Booking from Confidential Models

So, we’ve come to the recommendations. Below are a few of our personal favourite models available at this agency and we’re sure you’ll love them too. These are ladies who we have chosen for a variety of reasons and we’ll explain why, but you can feel extremely confident with your choice regardless of which of these ladies catches your eye.


amanda from confidential models

One of their £400 girls, Amanda is certainly well worth checking out. This exquisite lady turned up right on time during a booking with a member of our team looking even better than in her pictures. She’s a slim yet curvy goddess with a toned physique and a gorgeous face that really leaves you wanting to see what more she has to offer.

She’s also a bright young lady though, providing excellent dinner dates and conducting herself flawlessly at even the most high end restaurants. At 24 years old, she’s likely to be around for a while too, so you might find yourself becoming one of her regulars in no time!


micaela from confidential models

We’ve seen plenty of other blogs providing information about which girls to choose from this agency, but no one seems to mention Micaela. We find this quite surprising, because this lady certainly possesses breathtaking beauty and we’re sure you’ll love spending time with her. She’s a natural conversationalist with a sophisticated mind which makes her a real pleasure to talk to.

This gorgeous model also has amazing hourglass figure with natural feminine curves in all the right places which means she’s not only amazing in conversation but also incredible to look at. We highly recommend booking with Micaela, so feel free to do so and let us know how you found your evening.


mia from confidential models

Mia is the absolute cream of the crop from this agency, with model good looks and an innocent face that makes her seem like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. This couldn’t be further from the truth however, as she has a devilish streak about her that makes her one of the top escorts in London. This high class lady knows exactly how to please and we’re certain you’ll enjoy a mind-blowing booking if you choose her.

She loves being wine and dined and it’s a great idea to take her out for a dinner date if you would like to get to know her a bit better. Just have a look at her photos and you’ll enjoy a booking experience that leaves you satisfied beyond your wildest imagination.

Are you a bit unsure about booking? Are you struggling to decide which girl is right for you? Feel free to give the agency a call and their experienced staff will help you arrange your dream encounter in no time!