Facts that you probably don’t know about London

If you actually live in London then you may read this article and think – man I have heard them all before but, you may find out some quirky new facts to ponder over. I am not from London myself but, I love travelling here as there is just some much that can be done. I can honestly say that I have been to London several times and each time has been a completely different experience. You are here because of an interest in this great city and you are eager to find out something interesting to add to your next holiday plans or, a mate just shared it on Facebook and you feel like check out something new. I research anything that I can find so there are some facts which are merely historical and are not places you can actually visit. However It will make you appreciate your visit to London that little bit more and maybe even book escorts too.

By the way the list is not in any particular order!


#1 London is known for being an historical city but, did you know that out of the top ten museums 3 of them are located within greater London?  If you have a love for history London is the perfect palce for you as there are over 857 in total – Wow that’s a lot of history!


#2 Covent Garden is located on the west end of London and is its own district. What Is Interesting about the name is Covent is not its really name – well it is but it is really a spelling mistake for the word. Originally a market town which the locals referred to as the garden of Abbey and Convent until sometime around the reign of Henry VIII the name was changed to the one we know today.


#3 Over 50,000 people have been executed over the ages close to marble arch. Next to marble arch there is a plot of land which used to be called the village of Tyburn.  Here was the Tyburn tree which was the site where thousands of people where put to their deaths. You will also be able to find a plaque which is dedicated to the people who died here.


#4 The original London bridge was lined with heads on sticks for 355 years.  Yes, London was a pretty brutal place back in the day.


#5 The Millennium dome was actually a spectacular failure because nobody wanted to invest in the project.  This was before O2 decided to buy out the building and make it into an arena. In 2001 it had several science displays there and not really much else until Christmas 2004 when the dome was used to shelter the homeless.


#6 Cockney’s are proud of being Cockney now but for centuries it was actually an insult to call someone this. The original use of the world cockney can be attributed mainly to east Enders.


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#8 The great fire of London. If you have a small amount of knowledge about London’s history you would have heard of the great fire of London where thousands of homes were burnt across the city. Take a guess at how many people Died… 2000, no, 100, no. It was actually 6 people who officially die because of the event.


#9 The Battle scenes of the world famous film, Full Metal Jacket were for the most part filmed on the east side of London.


#10 Until 1916 Harrods sold pure Cocaine to the general public! I don’t think that this would be allowed today!


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