Find the best fetish night out

Most people have a fetish, fact, some more softcore than others but, we pretty much all have something which makes us “tick”.  The city of London is a vast expanse of different cultures and groups who are generally pretty open minded which has allowed for a huge culture of fetish to expand. There are literally hundreds of clubs out there which all offer something different so its a good idea to find out what is going on around the city.


Firstly it is a good idea to start off at the fetish week which has held in the city of London for 5 years and feature exhibitions from escorts to mutual agreements. Its worth noting at this point that the events are dedicated to male stars and not female. You have to book tickets online from the website which they recommend you do sooner rather than later becasue the events tend to sell out. This is an event which is really worth checking out.


There are number of fetish clubs such as Subversion which offer a community of fetish lovers for a wonderful evening. The events tend to be every other week, the next one for example will be on the 14th Of december 2013 at 67 albert Embankment.  Dont forget to book your tickets in advance!

If you would like a service that is more personalised there is a high class Busty London escorts called Dior Escorts that provide escorts who would love to give you a wild time with a fetish escort service.

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