First time in London

If you are visiting London for the first time then there are an astounding amount of things to do. From historical landmarks to incredible feats of architectural design and attractions. A surprising side of London is the amount of natural beauty in the city with large parks and museums or for the more fun side there is always bars, restaurants, cinemas and many other places to pass the time. All of these attractions are a ‘must see’ in the city but they are given a completely different dimension when you are accompanied by a beautiful woman, like those sexy Chelsea escorts from Carmen’s Secrets.

Not unlike New York and Dubai, London is famous with tourists for the quality of shopping in the city. There is an array of shops rivaled by very few cities in the world. From Selfridges down to Topshop and River Island you will find something to satisfy all of your needs. On a Saturday Oxford Street is full of crowds looking for the most fashionable and newest trends to wear the coming week. For the more original when it comes to fashion why not try the markets in Shoreditch or Camden and find retro fashions that are all coming back into popularity again. There are several large shopping centers a little out of the inner city such as The Brunswick, One New Change and the Thomas Neal Centre. You will have no lack of choices of clothes, souvenirs and many other accessories at these large malls or shopping centres. Why not take an attractive model with you when you go shopping and get fashion advice from one of the most stylish London escorts.

If shopping is not your idea of a good time then London has so much more to offer. Why not check out some of the entertainment venues such as theaters and cinemas with the very latest films and shows available in the world. Coming up to Christmas there are pantomimes and musicals in town that can really put you in the mood for merry making with festive cheer. It makes for a really interesting date to take one of Carmen’s Secrets busty London escorts out to the theatre and feel that you are sat with the most beautiful London model escort in the whole auditorium.

For music lovers you can find any style at any time in London. The city is famous for it’s music culture. From classical early in the 20th century and before up to the modern grime and indie bands that are breaking through now, London has always been central to the development of musical talent in the UK, and in many ways, in the World. Every night there is a gig or a concert on so be sure to check the listings and make a night of it with your date for the evening.

Truth be told all of these activities are great but if you are going to book high class London escorts from Carmen’s Secrets you are going to want to either go out for the night on the town and visit some of the bars and nightclubs, to an event or occasion or stay in your hotel and have a sensual dinner that will both excite and entice you. If you are on a business trip then there is no better way to pass the time between your last meeting and your morning check out than with a beautiful woman laughing and joking the night away with good food, wine and cultured conversation.

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