Heathrow Announces Busiest Ever Year

Heathrow has recently announced its most successful and busiest year, reporting that it dealt with 73.4 million passengers throughout 2014. The majority of these people are tourists and businessmen flying to the UK to take advantage of the countries excellent nightlife and business facilities. Many of the arrivals also seek the companionship of London escorts, who are an integral part of the local economy, meeting arrivals at the airport and making sure their stay in the country gets off to a flying start. Ensuring they make it safely to the hotel and providing tours of the city unlike any of which you can experience elsewhere.

The increase in volume of passengers has lead to speculation that Heathrow airport could seek to add a new runway to cater for the extra demand, in the South east of the airport. What is already the busiest airport in the UK has shown gradual increases from all corners of the globe including South America 6.3pc and the middle east and Central Asia was up by 3.5pc. Heathrow is locked in a direct battle with Gatwick airport to receive the Airports commission recommendation on where to add the new runway in the South East, with Heathrow already boasting two runways while Gatwick only has the one.

The planned expansion for Heathrow airport is an integral part of the plan for expanding the London economy. In collaboration with the allure and appeal of London escorts standing on British shores welcoming new arrivals into the country is a highly attractive prospect. After all, what could be a more welcoming entrance into the country than an open armed beautiful London escorts. London can be can a very daunting place especially when you’ve never been before or don’t speak the language. That is why 24 hour London escorts can be a very appealing proposition to the tourists.

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