How To Leave A Lasting Impression

Booking a London escort has never been easier and with so many beautiful models available upon short notice, a gentleman can refrain from juggling his diary and booking in advance – unless he has a specific girl in mind. We accommodate you with the best possible service at any time, and a London escort will provide you with experiences you will never forget. With that said, we trust that you entertain the beautiful escorts of Boss London Escorts to the highest possible standards; you would like to ensure that you leave the London escort with fond memories of your encounter.

Both the client and the escort have expectations and I will discuss some of the unspoken desires of a London escort when she meets a client.
Mind-blowing dates with an escort start with good planning

You’ve booked a dinner date or an overnight. Start planning by asking the agency what the London escort’s favourite colour is. If it is yellow or blue, then purchase a rose of that colour from a luxury florist in Mayfair. If a rose is a little direct, then simply buy a blue flower. Don’t ever underestimate the power that blooms have over women!

The model escort may be studying a Masters and has a few impressive accolades under her belt. If that is the case, then given she’s comfortable divulging about which topic area she is researching, you could buy a new book release in that subject field to give to her when you meet. These small gestures will guarantee that the London escort will think of you when she reads that book or glances at that flower; go with the book, it has a longer lifespan!

In the age of feminism, it’s hard to predict what you should and should not do when courting a woman in the beginning. However, even the women who were pivotal to the development of feminism, long before the term became widely used, would gleam at the notion of a man holding the door open – even if it was a self-contained celebration. Play it safe and be a true gentleman: take her coat off when she enters the restaurant, pull her seat out for her and let her taste the wine. Pay attention to the woman in front of you and not at the peachy exterior of the lady who just walked by – women don’t like to go bird watching. Remember; nothing is interesting or funny if you are not maintaining eye contact with the London escort when speaking.

Women pay a remarkable amount of attention to the perfume they buy, the shade of lipstick they use and the clothes they use. Being a woman, even the girl next door type is expensive. Compliment her on something unique, for example, her skin. It’s never discussed but it’s our largest and most prominent organ. Tell her she looks ethereal, yes, make her sound like she’s a goddess and she will treat you like a god. Subsequently, the escort will ensure that she makes even more of an effort the next time she sees you, whether that be a brand new La Perla set or her strutting in the type of heels that turn you on the most.

Although London escorts work hard to maintain their glittering beauty and toned physique, they are not dependent on their looks, resisting to view it as an attribute that is core to their personality. Defying all stereotypes, London escorts are well-rounded, intelligent beauties who adore gentleman who go the extra mile and use their imagination during their meetings. Call Boss London Escorts now to arrange your ultimate companion!