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Everyone and we mean everyone, has their own dark temptation or desire they’ve always had but not everyone gets the chance to indulge in such desires. You can bet it’s normal, especially once you’ve experienced the basics of intimacy with someone, to want to explore other forms of pleasure. Such an experience gives you the chance to try something you never have before. Nothing is worse than the regret of never being able to try something you’ve always wanted to. For this reason, we implore those of you who have these fantasies to book an escort and try, because having a partner who is willing to push such boundaries is a whole other question.

It’s natural to believe that our hidden fantasies may be looked down on or even that they may be seen as too dark for others to possibly want to even try/enjoy. Of course, while chances are your partner will have fantasies of their own, having the confidence to try them is something that for most can prove difficult. However, holding back such desires isn’t a good thing to have to do and given the chance should be enjoyed even if only for one night.

Our choice

This is why you need a London mistress in your life! So, for those of you desperate to try something a little different you’re probably wondering who we recommend going to. When it comes to fetish & domination escorts there really are no agencies that match Bed Domination. They understand better than anyone the need to quench and thirst for a level of pleasure that many go through life never getting the chance to try, especially your partner. With one of the best known and most comprehensive galleries of mistresses in London! Their dominatrix London service is second to none in all of London, and that doesn’t even include their breathtaking fetish service. Every one of the girls they have on their site has a full list of the services they offer, so don’t be afraid to try whichever one(s) take your fancy.

Be sure to really take your time and have a proper look all the girls as each will have their own characteristic that sets them apart from the rest, and ultimately that will help you feel more comfortable with her. With only the best London mistresses the city has to offer we want to ensure you have to chance to meet one. No one should miss out on the chance to have fun and enjoy the company of a gorgeous woman because they can’t afford it. Bed Domination know this and so have made their prices easily affordable, whilst also leaving some of their more high-class girls at a higher price for those looking for something a little special.


Even when it comes to booking Bed Domination have made it incredibly easy and stress-free. With a team that operates 24/7,  you can rest assured no matter the time of day your questions can be answered. To contact them either call 07809138166, or if you prefer via email at So why not book today!