Liberty Store – Soon in Channel 4

Liberty store is one of the most emblematic and unique shop in London now is a department store with diverse shops and a whole new look plus with its own TV Show, this store will reopen the doors to the world and to the new generation of clients which will bring life to this part of London.

Liberty is situated in Regent Street right in central London and with a unique design and very eye catching exterior this building is one of the many landmarks that London has to offer for a residents and for the tourist to show the diversity of cultures and trade markets that exist in London.

This shop was first open in 1875 at this time the department store was just half of the building but with a unique trade of ornaments, fabric and objects of art coming from japan after 18 months with the business  growing well, Arthur Lasenby Liberty which was the owner, acquire the other half of the building and also started to get the neighbour properties and added to this massive store.



In 2000’s the shop was sold for a staggering £41.5 million and then overtaken by a private firm the brought for £32 million deal, now with a documentary which will be transmitted in Channel 4 by the new Managing Director Ed Burstell this shop will come to live and revive the golden years that used to have when it first open.

In our days liberty store is more than a London landmark, is one of the largest department stores in central London and a store that you just can’t miss, now with numerous shops from many industries from textile to fragrances and from art to decoration this is a must visit store if you are in London.

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