London and its landmarks.

London is a huge city, and just like any great city, it has some great landmarks. I’m going to be doing a quick summary on some of my favourite London landmarks. First up is the Tower of London, always a great place to check out when you visit London, and if you’re curious about admission prices and buying tickets, you can check out this site. The Tower of London is well known for its history as a royal castle built in 1066, and originally was hated by the English people as it housed the Norman kings such as William the Conqueror, and the White tower alongside it was once a prison. Nowadays it is a world famous tourist attraction and definitely one you should check out.

Next up is of course another dwelling for the monarchs of England, Buckingham Palace. Since 1837 it has served as the home for kings and queens alike, boasting an incredible 775 rooms (according the official website). However it was not always the palace that we know today, it was once a simple house for the Duke of Buckingham and only became the official royal palace after the coronation of Queen Victoria. Public access is obviously somewhat restricted, but the Queens Gallery is occasionally opened to the public and I would highly recommend trying to get a look at the contents.

The third landmark on the list is more a landmark in name than in nature, of course I’m referring to the great 5 star Landmark Hotel. This hotel is utterly astonishing due to its history as both a railway hotel and a military office building. If you read up on it, I’m sure you will be fascinated by the uses the building has had since it was opened in 1899 and you’re sure to impress anyone with your knowledge if you stay there, making it a perfect place to take a High-Class London Escort. You can find many of London’s best escort companions on London Punt: