Fine Weather in London

London is set to have one of the hottest weekends of the year so far as temperatures exceeding 20C will be recorded in the capital. The forecast is set to mean that London will actually be warmer than St Tropez over the weekend and will no doubt see people take to the streets and parks in search of some early spring warmth.

a photograph of Brenda from Park Lane Escorts.
Brenda – Park Lane Escorts

The winter has not been as cold as first thought but the times where the beer gardens of local bars were full of people enjoying themselves seem to have been a long time ago. The one sure thing is that if the warm weather comes it will undoubtedly bring out the sexy women that disappear during the winter months.

Girls such as those from Park Lane Escorts will put on their shorts or skirts and head for a local park to sun themselves and maintain their tan in a natural way. Everything in the world looks better when the sun is out and even the famously miserable persona of the London commuters could be lightened if the sunshine stays for the week ahead.

An escort from Park Lane Escorts.
Escort, Park Lane Escorts

Unfortunately it does not look like the weather is going to stay with April showers on the horizon so we recommend making the most of this sporadic sun. You can enjoy better weather than St Tropez, although we are sure that the South of France will not be too worried about a loss of tourism. London businesses will be preparing themselves with restaurants wanting to provide “al fresco” dining and bars offering the option of taking your beverage in the beer garden.

Even the nights will see a difference as people are more inclined to drink during the day and enjoy themselves on a night out over the weekend. We just hope this is not another false alarm from those that predict the weather. We were meant to have snow this winter.

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