London Vs. Manchester: Music

You know that second to London, is Manchester. But in what aspects, why does Manchester actually have to come runner-up as a city in the UK. Truth be told there are a lot of reasons why I would rather go to Manchester instead of London. One reason could be the fact that it is way too busy in London compared to the more ‘easy going’ life in Manchester. You’re able to go around at your own pace in Manchester without being fully restricted by the people around you, because London during work hours can be like being stuffed in a sardine tin. But still, I suppose a lot more people are their for a reason. I think that If I were to compare the two cities in a more thorough way, it’s be to look at multiple different aspects of the area. What about famous people, more specifically, musicians? Which city has managed to breed the most ground breaking, influential musicians?

So with it being the entertainment factor that I’m considering, the first type of media subcategory I thought I’d look at was music. Out of which cities, where have the most entertaining and influential musicians come from? I thought that Manchester would’ve dominated this by a country mile, that’s before I did some research however. There truly have been some amazing bands come from Manchester, the likes of The Smiths, Take That, Oasis, The Bee Gees once dominated the charts. The Ting Tings even managed a number one, and they’re from Manchester. Although some of these major bands names can speak for themselves, I believe that the bands and musicians to come out of London are just incredible. How can a few important names compare to the likes of Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Queen, Elton John, and so on.

I think this time I’m going to have to give it to London, as much as it surprises me as well. Maybe if I start to compare both of their escort industries I’ll have quite a shock, is a very good agency to be fair.

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