Londons Cosiest Cinemas

I’m a fan of those cheesy generic dates, I don’t know why, but I just can’t find things more romantic than those activities that you usually do when you’ve just started to be in a relationship with someone. Maybe it’s just because you get used to that feeling of excitement because you’re with someone that you’re attracted to. So maybe it’s more who I’m with, rather than what I’m doing. Nonetheless, there are some amazing places in London now which have taken the idea of a cheesy teenage date, and made it a more ‘mature’ one. What does that add up to in my head? The most perfect date to take someone out on. There are now some cool, quirky screens around London, built with the intention to impress.

I never thought there would actually be enough ‘cosy’ themed cinemas to even make a blog article like this, which is pretty fantastic. The first one worth considering going to is the screen designed by ‘Everyman Cinema’. This company are the original players in London’s Classy cinema scene, and for an all round experience, you’re not going to find a better cinema. But there are different ones that are good for different reasons.


The Roxy Bar and Screen provides a sort of ‘restauranty’  feel to it. There is a mismatch of couches, armchairs, tables and barstools. This means that you can decide what you’d want the date to be like depending on where you sit. Feeling hungry and sociable? Grab a table. Feeling romantic and intimate? Grab a big sofa for the two of you.


You might enjoy the Roxy bar because of its versatility; you can make the date however serious or laid back you want it to be. For Food, The Lounge serves up an absolute master class in cooking. Here you’re able to enjoy a superb three course meal that is specially created for the cinema by its consultant chef, Rowley Leigh. Two other things worth mentioning, fully reclining leather seats, and no noisy kids as it’s over-18’s only.


All of these venues are gorgeous, and impressive in their own ways. They have been specially designed with you in consideration, to serve a different purpose. But for me, cinema dates are all about the intimacy, how close you can get to your partner without making each other feel uncomfortable. So viola, the Electric Cinema. They provide beds for you and your desired companion to watch a movie on….. BEDS.


But remember earlier, I said maybe it’s more who I’m with, rather than what I’m doing. That’s why I would never spoil such a perfect experience with the wrong company. That’s why I couldn’t think of anyone better than an angelicas secret escort. You won’t find better high class london escorts.

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