Londons most romantic restaurants

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Obviously because of the fact that London has some exceptional eateries, there’s no wonder that some of them are considered the most romantic in England, if that the world. Because London is a very modern city yet holds such a cultural influence, many restaurants can give their customers the highest quality of food and also create a very intimate atmosphere too. But where would you consider to be the most romantic restaurants? Here is a List of Londonews’ personal favourite romantic restaurants. Areas that you could definitely venture out to with one of London escorts listed girls our agency.

Great Restaurants Below!

The first restaurant worth noting would be the angler, in my opinion there are many Seafood restaurants around London that are really a miss but the Angler somehow manages to get everything right, from the quality of food that it cooks to the excellent premises to the even more impressive attentive staff. The Angler is actually a Michelin starred Restaurant and combines a gorgeous vibrant dining room with a sophisticated menu inspired by the seafood which is native to us. The Angler is open for lunch Monday to Friday and open for dinner Monday to Saturday, any time is a perfect time to visit the Angler and we strongly recommend you try it out.


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If seafood isn’t your thing then that’s fine, seafood can really be hit and miss with some people. How about a restaurant that specialises in Italian delicacies? Although a funny sounding name, Babbo is right in the centre of Mayfair and since it’s opening it has been getting busier ever since. Babbo offers delicious Italian dishes which you can’t help but fall in love with, it’s intentions are to provide amazing family friendly dishes however Babbo’s has proven time and time again that it is the perfect evening get away for you and your companion.


How about one of the most preferred cuisines in England? Indian food can be one of the best tasting, healthiest and satisfying meals when cooked properly. The one problem with it is that Indian food in a lot of restaurants isn’t cooked to good enough standards, on top of that it’s even harder to make a romantic setting with it. Babur however shows that it can be done and to a world class level too. Babur has been open since 1985 and has had a lot of year perfecting it’s impeccable dishes. You and your partner won’t be able to get enough of this Indian cuisine.

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