London’s Triumphant Tourism Industry

England was once a place of rich industrial heritage, where each town and city had a great sense of community and provided the world with essential goods and raw materials. But since the process of outsourcing this to countries such as China and India, England have had to look elsewhere in an attempt to fill the enormous financial void. The answer is tourism. In 2013 London welcomed 3.4 millions tourists in the first three months alone, with the expenditure in this period reaching a whopping £2.1 billion. So how have they done it, well the answer is simple, give the people what they want.

In reality the quantity of tourists that visit England are very unbalanced in favour of London, yes they come to see big Ben and the houses of parliament although London is getting quite a different reputation these days. It is widely considered that in England for sure, there is no greater night life than in the center of London. Where the economy is so healthy, it has allowed a wealth of bars, restaurants and nightclubs to excel in this affluent area. Luxurious hotels and designer boutique stores are not uncommon to find is this beautiful part of the country making it the perfect getaway or holiday destination.

London, like any city, also has a notorious adult scene and in fact elite London escorts are amongst some of the most desired in the world. Reputable agencies like Sirens London, have been going for many years and have built a very reputable client base of continental customers. They chose high class escorts London, as they wish to sample this fantastic London night-life in the company of the most beautiful and elegant companions available, and in London this is never an issue.

An evening in Kensington, or Mayfair you are likely to see more 5 star hotels and Michelin star restaurants than you are corner shops. Its this dense selection of quality establishments that drive up the London tourism industry. Fantastic options like restaurant Gordon Ramsay on Royal Hospital Road Heston Blumenthals Diner, to name some of the most famous options, when in fact, its largely understood that Londons 5 star hotels have some of the finest restaurants anywhere in the world.

Massive names like the Dorchester and Claridges make way from some of the hottest hotels in the world like hotel 41 on Buckingham Palace Road or the Haymarket on Suffolk place. Many of which are attend by London’s elite class accompanied by their Bexley escorts. So why not see for yourself why England capital is also the capital of tourism and the numerous exciting ways to spend an evening.

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