Manchester Vs. London – Who is the real winner?

Two cities. Two glorious, wonderful cities that have been clashing head to head for quite some time now in order to claim dominance over our glorious country. You might think straight away that Manchester couldn’t possibly match London’s stature, reputation and beauty, but in more recent years I believe we’ve seen the playing field even out a bit between them. Could, in the future, Manchester be a more powerful and recognised area than London in the UK, both nationally and internationally. Wherever you’re from and whatever you believe, you can’t deny that both of these cities contain qualities which you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. There are many different things I could put both Manchester and London head to head with, football, living costs, transportation etc. But I thought a more interesting battle would be in entertainment.

There are still many things that can be discussed under entertainment. I think the most important point would be night life, which city possesses the best night life around. Immediately you think of all the extremely classy clubs in London, Maddox, Jalouse, Movida, Cirque Du Soir and so on. Obviously these clubs are unbeatable, you’re not going to find higher class venues wherever you go. You’ll never see a more impressive crowd of people. Although I do have appreciation for clubs like this, I also think that if I had the option to go to a place like this, I don’t think I would. Straight away you may think that’s a ridiculous statement, but can you imagine what one drink would cost? You spend the whole night in there then you’d probably end up getting a mortgage to pay it all off.

So compared to the bars in Manchester, maybe not as highly recognised but still with a brilliant reputation. Where you can get gorgeous drinks in a cheerful atmosphere without putting such a mark on your wallet. As well as that, much like London, Manchester also has a wide variety of bars, clubs, and pubs for you to choose from. Id say these two cities are even when it comes to choice of venue. When it comes to standards I’d say the London Bars are of a higher standard, yet the Manchester ones you could go to and not tell the difference, so that’s your choice.

The more important part of this, which city could provide the best companion to take with you to these hot spots? Both London and Manchester are renowned for the companionships that they can provide their clients with. London’s escorting market has been impressive for a while now, whereas Manchester’s is still emerging but showing signs of real promise. Are there any Manchester  massage agencies which could contend with London’s? yes. Salon24Manchester is a stunning example of an excellently run agency within the north west, have a look for yourself at:

Annoyingly, my conclusion isn’t a decisive one. I believe that it depends what you prefer personally, if you want the best and nothing but the best then sure, go and visit London. However it seems to me that you can get everything in London, in Manchester but for a margin of the price. It all depends on what budget you have to spend. Either way, wherever you go, you will NOT be disappointed.

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