Misty the £500,000 Dinosaur

We often here stories of excess in London, especially when we look at some of the affluent playboys that apply their trade in the city. Some enjoy collecting artefacts, others will spend their money on going out on the town and spending a absurd amount of money on alcohol and London escorts.

A recent story in the Guardian though has caught my attention and I cannot decide if it is excess or a true collector getting their dream acquisition.

One of only six Diplodocus skeletons have been found in the world and one came up for auction recently. the massive fossil fetched just under £500,000 at an auction. The 160 Million year old creature is very rare and would have roamed the Earth during the Jurassic period in the world’s history. Standing at 55 feet long this is an immense buy for the one collector who has promised that the artefact will go on display in the public eye and not kept for personal pleasure.

It is an interesting concept though that we treasure fossilised bones so dearly. In several million years time will a different race be looking back on our old bones and selling a human skeleton for an incredible amount of money? Maybe a species that we take as common such as dogs or cats will become extinct and the remains will fetch great sums and they will be displayed for all to see.

Selling ancient artefacts is no new process as there have been many ancient Egypt and Greek items sold in recent years to collectors willing to pay the earth to own a piece of history. Although many of these items will be still hosted in Museums and Galleries throughout the world there are a few that remain in private collections and lost to the public eye for the foreseeable future. Maybe one day they will be bought into the light of day once again.

The bones of the Diplodocus were found in Wyoming in the United states of America back in 2009 and were an incredible find in an old quarry. To find a full skeleton is very rare and that is what has pushed the price of this artefact up. Nicknamed ‘Misty’ the ancient creature will now go to a good home.

Misty would have weighed around the 15 tn mark and roamed the North American plains as they would have been at the times. The dinosaur would have died by what is thought to be an old watering hole that was used by many animals and when they would grow old they would not venture too far from the nourishing water. Due to the fact that many dinosaurs would come to this watering hole there can be remains found all around this area and it is rich in archaeological treats for those that are willing to take the time to find something that may not have been unearthed for millions of years.

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