My Experience with the Spirituality of Sensual Massage

While a lot of articles will discuss how wonderful an erotic or tantric massage in London is for the body I will limit myself to talking about how good it felt for my spiritual side. I’ve been a client of London’s tantric massages for a while now and I think the thing that truly got me hooked on them is how I was able to express and feel my spirituality through tantric massages more than anything else I have tried.

It all started when I found London Tantric, the agency I contacted for my first sensual massage London experience. I found myself on the phone to the agency for a good half hour trying to discover what they could offer me and what the purpose of it all was. This is when I decided to check out the gallery and I was completely taken aback by some of the gorgeous masseuses available on there and couldn’t resist making my first booking.

London Tantric Homepage
London Tantric is the first agency I contacted for a tantric massage.

Like many young men I went into my first tantric massage for the fun and sexy aspect of it all…  but when I found myself in the massage I truly saw that this was so much more than just some fun time in the sack. In fact there was no sack and while I indeed had fun there was something truly profound that I was able to touch on.

My spiritual side came out because I was not worried about seeming manly enough. Of course men are capable of being spiritual but that is often seen as a woman’s trait so I was never able to fully look inward and see myself as an observer, like for many people that was wasted time for me as we men unfortunately tend to be all about action.

Spirituality is more about you looking inward, using your emotions to truly talk to yourself about what you want. To know yourself, if you will.

Discovering Myself through Tantra

Emily from London Tantric
My first tantric experience was with the beautiful Emily from London Tantric

While for some men tantric massages are this loud and passionate experience it is important to acknowledge that for some of us it is actually a calming and gentle experience that leads to looking inward and not outward, looking deep inside yourself.

For me the hands of my masseuse trace a trail that leads inside where I am able to dwell on things that are almost unavailable to me when I am not experiencing the massage.

This of course does make the massage that little bit sexier and more intimate but also it makes my relationship with myself a lot deeper and more meaningful too. So, if you are planning to get a massage remember that you might be surprised along the way… and that is always a very good thing.

Another thing that Tantra has brought to my life that I never expected, beyond a deeper connection with myself, is the ability to truly connect to others. This connection that I have found goes beyond a sensual level and into an emotional one.

Learn to Be Emotional and Sensitive

Early on, as is the case with most men, I learned that emotions aren’t exclusive to the more feminine side of the species and that I actually wasn’t best to avoid them altogether. I had previously spent quite a long time avoiding my emotions and just showing a rock hard exterior.

Many men who come to Tantra are just like me and some leave the same but the truth is that Tantra has opened my eyes to something beautiful about all of us and that is that we have an incredible ability to connect with our emotions before our bodies ever know what is going on.

When I find myself arguing with people the masculinity inside of me automatically wants me to jump into action. We either resolve the problem by facts and logic or sometimes it gets aggressive, not just physically but emotionally. This is because our energies are so far to one side of the equation we forget something that the feminine side knows… empathy. Empathy is key in any emotional interaction and women who hone this ability tend to be able to see both sides of an argument while the male side cannot.

When you are able to see with another person’s eyes and walk in their metaphorical shoes you find that you are capable of truly connecting. There is nothing gay about it, nothing that does not make me wonderful in bed or powerful. In fact I find that I am more desired and much more powerful thanks to that cliché of being sensitive.

Being sensitive is not something that I would say has made me less manly, in fact I think it has made me understand my masculinity more.

Sure, if you don’t want to feel this way it is fine but let me tell you something… women flock to sensitivity and empathy and if you are able to give them that in bed they become the goddess we have all seen in those websites no one wants to mention.