My favourite district in London and why

I believe that Paddington is one of, if not the most well rounded district in London. It almost seems that every single leisure activity or pass time that someone might be interested in, you’ll find somewhere in Paddington to accommodate your needs. What else do you expect from one of England’s most affluent areas? But if you do find yourself lucky enough to explore Paddington in your own time, what are the best places to go and what are the best things to do? Here’s a little list of entertaining things that you can do in Paddington.

As far as attractions go, Paddington has a lot of them and a wide variety of them too. You can visit different educational facilities such as the Subway Gallery which is situated under the Paddington green and stretches out beneath the Marylebone flyover and the Metropole Hilton Hotel. It features mainly contemporary art so maybe if you’re looking for a more traditional styling, it’s not for you. Fear not however because there are many other different galleries which specialise in different styles, such as the serpentine gallery, Whitehall gallery, début contemporary and many more.

Maybe if you’re someone that’s not so much into visiting different cultural attractions, and shares more of an interest in putting your feet up with a cold refreshing drink, then there are so many brilliant venues in Paddington as well. Although the occasional club, Paddington’s night life is probably more notable for its bar scene, and most notable for it’s pub scene. This makes it the perfect place to unwind after a long days exploring. The Victoria, The Bridge house, and The Duke of Kendal are three iconic Paddington based pubs. Bars worth going to include The Mitre, The Gyngleboy, and the Casanova Bikini Club. If you’re feeling really adventurous then a great night club to visit would be Cherryjam.

Something that makes Paddington the area that it is, is probably due to the calm and approachable people that reside there. I think that the community in Paddington really enjoy a calm lifestyle away from work because of how stressful business can be. That’s why the massage industry is very big in Paddington, depending on where you go, you can receive a quality tantric massage in Paddington. Minx massage is a common favourite among the public.

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