Pansexuality and What it Means

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Here we come to one of the more contentious and controversial letters in the ever-growing LGBT+ alphabet. It’s ‘P’ and it seems that it’s here to stay, and to some people that’s a source of dismay. If you’ve never felt certain you knew quite what it meant, then it could be the perfect topic of conversation the next time you’re having gay massage. To get to the point, and if you hadn’t already guessed, then it’s time to reveal that ‘P’, in this instance, stands for ‘pansexual’. And no, it’s got nothing to do with being sexually attracted to fry-ups (although we wouldn’t blame you if you were).

What Does Pansexual Mean? A slight problem with the word "Pansexual"

‘Pan-‘ is a prefix with an Ancient Greek provenance and it generally means ‘all’ or ‘everything’. Pansexual is therefore used to describe someone who is sexually attracted to all variants of adult human, including transgender men and women. Consequently, it’s far broader than bisexuality. The only trouble is, there’s some doubt as to just how pansexual the people who describe themselves that way really are. More often than many would care to admit, it’s used as an identity with which the owner can boast, demonstrating his or her up-to-the-minute, politically-with-it credentials. Scratch the surface, and you’ll often find a plain old heterosexual beneath the pansexual exterior. An article in the Independent last year drew scorn when it turned out that the author, who regarded herself as pansexual, had only ever dated or shared erotic experiences with heterosexual cis-men.

Questions and Answers For Pansexuals

Then there’s another source of controversy – why should pansexuals need to mobilise to ensure their safety or their human rights? There are no laws specifically singling out pansexual people in the history of this or any other country. All the laws and customs designed to punish, imprison or diminish freedoms have targeted gay people, with a particular focus on gay men. But you can comb through the legal history of everywhere from the UK to Australia and you won’t find any anti-pansexual laws or legal amendments.

Still, since pansexuality does – at least theoretically – contain the possibility of homosexuality, it could be argued that we should welcome such people into the fold with a warm and loving embrace. Yes, it often turns out that many of them are straight, but even if one person is helped, then it could all be worthwhile.

Perhaps the next time you’re lying on a bed, unclothed, awaiting a luxury gay massage treatment, you might find yourself wondering whether you have a pansexual side. It’s not unfeasible to imagine that all of us can find within ourselves the capacity to develop sexual attraction to everyone. Maybe the truth is that the whole human population is pansexual. But if you’re not sure then try out a gay massage at Tantric Soul