Quirkiest bars in London

London being the glorious area that it is holds amazing activities day by day so you can have such an amazing time venturing through it. Never has a city before appealed to so many audiences, you’ll find something for everyone whilst touring round this superb capital. In fact, there is nearly more variety in London than there is in the Asian Escorts London directory. Take eating for example, there are so many different eateries that you’re spoilt for choice. Some of them elite quality restaurants, some of them suave cafe’s which you can unwind in and some that are just down right crazy. But which are the best? Not for quality but for experience, which places would stick in your memory forever, what are the quirkiest bars and restaurants in London?



A good place to start would be Inamo, This Asian restaurant is found on Regent street, London Haymarket and is quite an incredible experience. This is because the restaurant offers a completely different dining process to what you’d usually expect. Inamo offers the worlds first interactive ordering system which is beamed onto your table. Never have you before selected on your table (as if it’s a big tablet computer) your meal for it to be delivered to you at an incredible standard.This food as well is gorgeous, it is cooked to a very high standard and is perfect for all occasions.



In both Shoreditch as well as Nottinghill lies the two weirdest yet most wonderful dining areas in London. Serving both seasonal and Modern-European food is the Beach Blanket Babylon. On 45 Ledbury road as well as 23 Bethnal Green road, the Beach Blanket has been described like a Georgian Manor house and a French Chateau due to the maze of rooms which are connected by beautiful and elegant hall ways. Only expect the best of food here too as you’ll only get the best. The service as well you will not find any better any where else.



If you’re not amused by either the Beach Blanket or Inamo then you might be swayed by Shaka Zulu, Shaka is one of the largest restaurant, bar night club combinations in London. The Shaka has a south African flare and offers exotic grilled meets with unusual cocktails and crazy decoration. With the catchy music that they play you just wa  nt to get up and dance. You can find the Shaka at the stables market in Camden. Throughout the evening guests are entertained by live acts, music and dance that are such a treat for your senses. You can’t help but fall in love with this gorgeous place in London.



Close to number one but not quite there goes to Les Trois Garcons for their luxury inspired dining experience which is set to leave you stunned by its overall quality and exuberance. Their wonderful dark interior is blissfully lit up by the candles that they have scattered throughout the venue. Their chef (Michael Kahn) offers a menu filled with flavours and one off dishes. He believes using the best seasonal ingredients from the markets is the best way to create the best dishes, and good lord is he right. You can find the Les Trois Garcons on Club Row, Whitechapel.



We could’ve given number one to the eatery with the highest quality of service or the highest quality of food but we decided to give it to the eatery with the most memorable experience. Without doubt the most unforgettable experience you’ll find is on Shaftsbury Avenue, Picadilly Circus. The rainforest Cafe is one of the quirkiest and craziest cafe’s in the whole of London, the cafe is alive with the sounds of elephants, gorillas, jaguars, crocodiles and butterflies. There are also tropical fish tanks found all around the cafe. It’s guaranteed fun here!


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