Re-Launch of the Floating Cinema

London is known for its unique charm and a sense of something new happening each day. When you visit London you are assaulted with so many opportunities to experience things which you never ever had the opportunity to do before. On vacation or for the people who have newly moved London is a dream, an exciting journey to be enjoyed and a city full of exploration ideas. The theatre and arts scenario in London has always been considered quite happening and chic and the re-launch of the Floating Cinema at the Queen Elizabeth open Olympic Park speaks volumes about the Londoners and visitors demand for more and more of screenings and events.

A photograph taken of Regent Cinema - London
Regent Cinema – London

The Hackney based artists or whom you know as Nina Pope and also Karen Guthrie promise you almost a magical and endless possibility of many free as well as paid screenings in a whopping ten week marathon of unlimited exposure to some class acts. But you may not prefer to be visiting such a fine screening alone without any date. Here is where we can help you and make your problems melt away just instantly. We have many of the best TS London Escorts who are thoroughly charming and have great experience in making the most out of Floating Cinema visits.

Take our TS London Escorts out for a special fancy dress screening and viewing of “Frankenweenie” made by Tim Burton and they will simply make it even more memorable and special with their pleasant companionship and great insight of their London scene. TS London Escorts being truly local can make your London trip truly a homecoming experience with their innate sense of picking stuff of what you like and enjoy like the truly special Floating Cinema. This is a unique chance for you to relish your time in London in a true British way.

For those wanting to take a break from English people in the British surroundings while experiencing the beautiful “Water Folk” a free family day for all at the Queen Elizabeth Park or if you want someone to be equally thrilled and excited about the fun and informative ‘Everyday Science Events’ organized with Radio 4’s very own Helen Keen as well as Guerilla science then you need our TS Escorts London services. They are funny, witty and charismatic making you involved and happier in the London theatre and open house viewing scene.

The logo from London Lady Boys
London Lady Boys

London and its host of endless viewing and watching opportunities, be it special acts, comedy gigs, events, movies and pop rock culture can be very overwhelming and exhausting if you do not have someone who can constantly lift your spirits and keep your energy soaring. Our saucy TS London Escorts can do all that for you and even more by getting you friends and keeping you on your toes for ultimate pleasure all through the ten week long exploration of the Floating cinema experience. Hence come aboard and have a big helping of the taste of London with some really happening and cool escorts.

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