Summer In The City With An Escort

Although the weather may not  show it we are now coming up to Summer again and with intermittent sunshine being forecast all the Summer events that are put on in London have been planned again. London is a brilliant city all year round but for me this time of year is simply the best with all of the places that you can go. It seems as though the city is more welcoming and more inviting to go out in when the weather is warmer, not always dyer, but warmer. In the middle of winter I would stay in my hotel when booking an escort and would not want to venture out. I would get a nice bottle of champagne and we would spend the evening talking in the hotel. Now that Summer is here though I want to book one of the high class escorts that work in the city and go out and explore the various events.

There are all kinds of things going on from concerts in Hyde Park to carnivals and special markets in Covent Garden but by far my favourite place to visit are the roof top garden bars that seem to magically appear at this time of year. To watch the sun descend over the iconic skyline and give way to the dark of the night is great but to watch that with an incredible escort at my side while sipping on a cocktail is one of life’s true pleasures. I have been lucky enough to do this already this year but if you have never thought of it then it is very much worth a try.

Going out in the city is not for everyone but I cannot recommend enough getting to know the escort that you are spending time with over a cocktail. It makes for a much more intimate experience and I have always thought for a better booking.