The benefits of a Tantric Massage

When you work in a busy city such as London, you might find it extremely difficult to relax. The stresses of working life coupled with the heaving public transport and even worse traffic can make life incredibly difficult for the average worker. This is why it’s important to use your time off wisely and really relax to stop yourself feeling overworked. There are of course, many ways in which this can be accomplished. Some find that sports may help them relax for example, so perhaps visiting a golf course would be a good idea, or others may find that having a few drinks might help them, in which case go down to your local.

However, in my opinion, the best way to really relax and make all of your troubles seem to go away is a simple task. All you need to do is book a hotel and arrange an appointment with one of the many stunning tantric masseuses in the London area. This is a deeply sensual and intimate form of massage which has numerous health benefits, so the reasons why this could help you are obvious. This is an art of massage which is more than just a simple backrub in a parlour on the high street, but an exquisite and personal one on one booking with a stunning masseuse.

There are many agencies around London which offer this service, one I’m personally quite fond of is Bliss Tantric, as they have a lot of highly exclusive and well-presented girls who can really help you get the most out of your booking. They are all incredibly talented in the art of tantra which makes for an enjoyable and exciting booking, as you can always feel confident in their skills. They can really provide the service that can keep you going day after day and so I would highly recommend booking with Bliss. Of course, it’s imperative that you choose a suitable hotel, so I would recommend one such as the Kensington Park Grand or the Shangri-La at the Strand, to provide a comfortable and presentable environment for your choice of masseuse to work in.


The many benefits of a true Tantra experience

One can’t underestimate the physical and psychological benefits of booking a companion, but when it comes to a truly intimate form of sensual pleasure nothing beats a tantric massage. Each and everyday people around the world are discovering the unmatched satisfaction and enjoyment of an atmosphere of bliss and comfort in the company of an expert in the art of being able to take control of your body and sensually please every area of your body just with the touch of their hands. Nothing comes close when looking to escape the stress of everyday life, and if you choose the right masseuse for you, will be an experience you won’t ever forget.

London is one of the world’s centre points for a large variety of tantric masseuses, each and every one of which with a different alluring way of helping you feel on top of the world. For this reason, large amounts of tourists flood to London every year so that they can enjoy the chance to experience the truly hypnotic experience of a stunning London masseur. Of course, you probably want to know exactly why a London tantric massage might be for you…

The first main benefit of an erotic massage is that it gives you the perfect chance to escape the stresses of everyday life. Work, university and lot’s of other daily responsibilities can make anyone extremely stresses, and without the chance to relief that stress it will keep on building and building until it reaches a level that affects you mentally. By booking a tantric massage you are given the ability to escape into a bubble of pure bliss and relaxation.

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The next main advantage is that it helps improve sexual drive and energy. As your therapist delivers stimulation across your entire body, you will instantly begin to feel your inner sexual energy developing exponentially. Linked to this is the benefit of improving your orgasm! Rituals incorporated into the tantric massage session helps you to improve the quality of your orgasm as well as have an amazing explosive one at the end of your session.

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Another benefit to tantra is that it allows you to feel good about yourself, which will result in a boost to your confidence and self-esteem. You can view your life from a positive perspective; achieving better things easier to do with the energy and confidence to deal with the challenges life has to offer.

Why Choose Bliss/Posh?

With so many amazing advantages you probably want to know which massage parlour/agency will best suit your needs. There are two amazing massage parlours we heavily recommend for anyone looking to experience the best of an erotic massage in London. The first is Bliss Tantric, a high-end parlour with a range of breathtaking masseuses each with an unmatched form of London tantric massage. Anyone of which can be yours with just a simple phone call! Check out their website for full details.

The other is Posh Tantric, another great choice with affordable prices, an exclusive list of beautiful ladies and a service to be proud of. Again, be sure to check out their website for full details.

Of course, before you immediately decide to jump straight into deciding on which agency to choose you probably want to know what sets each of these amazing agencies apart from all the others in London. Well, it comes down to a few key principles that both Posh & Bliss Tantric uphold no matter what.

To start with, and probably most important of all, is that they care about everyone involved in the process. This means their receptionists, their masseuses and of course you. While most agencies state the only person they care about is their clients, Posh & Bliss like to ensure their therapists are happy so that they can transfer their positive energy towards clients, making the experience even more unforgettable. As a result, both their receptionists and masseuses are treated with anything they may need and ample time off so they when you book one of their fine ladies you know 100% your getting the very best of a service to be proud of. All the more reason for you to book as soon as possible!

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Next up we have the exclusive range of prices that are offered across all girls. While some massage parlours may offer low prices it’s difficult to find an agency that offers a range to accommodate every individual. Both Bliss & Posh have a range of girls that start from as cheap as £150, all the way up to their more high-class masseuses at £300+.

Last but certainly not least we have the ease to which it is to book. With so many agencies/massage parlours making their girls so difficult to book or have a painfully long process with answering enquiries, Bliss & Posh Tantric can take pride in having a response team and receptionists who won’t waste any time or cause any stress when you’re looking to book one of their therapists. Be sure to check out each of their websites where you will find both their phone number, and of course their list of stunning masseuses!