The Girlfriend Experience

Sexy high class Silk London escorts provide companionship for gentlemen who require the company of a seductive and enticing female – be it as a plus one to a high profile social event or as an intimate dinner guest. For some gentlemen this is a one-off or regular appointment that includes their perfect woman of the moment. Other men, however, prefer the girlfriend experience…

Personal Preferences

Some men are not into relationships. They may date and consider spending time with just one woman, but when reality hits home they happily head off in the opposite direction. If this is you you’ll have your own personal reasons why you don’t want to have to deal with the perceived hassles that come with maintaining an intimate relationship. You may find women clingy, needy, frustrating and confusing so you prefer to be selective and choosy about the female company you keep.

Public Performance

If you prefer to indulge a special sexy high class London escort from time to time you may have considered the girlfriend experience. This gives you the option of wining and dining your attractive escort companion and publically presenting the illusion that you are a couple. You will kiss and cuddle and hold hands and she will be attentive and have eyes only for you. She stays overnight and leaves the next morning and you simply continue with your normal life.

The Pros And Cons Of The Girlfriend Experience


  • You are in full control of your time, money and life.
  • You don’t have to answer to any female who has demands on your time.
  • You are free to have as many ‘girlfriends’ as you like.
  • You choose which high class London escort you wine and dine and when you want to.
  • You are the envy of your relationship committed friends.


  • Popular high class London escorts are always in demand so your favourite ‘girlfriend’ escort may not be available when you want to take her out on the town.
  • Spending regular time with the same sexy Silk London escort opens you up to the perils of forming an emotional attachment. This is the last thing a perpetually single man wants to do. Ever.
  • If you don’t have a particular type you may find it difficult to work out which beautiful escort would make the best ‘girlfriend’ for you.
  • Because you have to make an appointment to spend time with your ‘girlfriend’ spontaneity goes out of the window.
  • Sometimes you may want a cuddle and she’s not there!