The Japanese influence on London

London is one of the most multicultural cities anywhere in the world that embraces ethnicity and different cultural influences everywhere you look. London has very obvious oriental influences, most noticeably Japanese of which their original settlement in the UK was very beneficial to the development of the country. Originally in the 19th century is was purely professionals that made their way across the globe. As tensions grew between the two nations during World War II many Japanese immigrants seeked asylum in England which sparked a mass movement during the 1960s for different reasons seeking new business and economic opportunities.

Today London has many Japanese students concentrated in areas such as Golders Green and East Finchley in North London. It is not uncommon to see mass Japanese people in these areas, sampling some of the fantastic Japanese establishments located in London. Many male students also take advantage of the oriental escorts London services, where they can enjoy the city in a guide that knows and understands the local culture. Many of whom take the opportunity to sample some of the fine Japanese restaurants in the are, here are some of our favourites.

As far as authenticity goes, you will struggle to find a Japanese restaurant in London that is as genuine as Dinings on Harcourt Street, Marylebone W1H 4HH. What was once of London’s best kept secrets is now one of London’s most well renowned Japanese restaurants and upon entering the building you can see why. The interior of the restaurant is very compact with the focus being very much on the food rather than the dining ambiance, but rest assured its totally worth it. The sushi is without doubt some of the finest Sushi in London, with great options like Nobu-esque curved potato tartar chips filled with minced tuna, avocado and wasabi. There is also a fantastic Wagyu beef Nigiri with cubes of Ponzu jelly and minced truffle which is absolutely fantastic.

On a less profile note, one restaurant that has been grabbing all the headlines for all the right reasons is the superb Kirazu on Rupert street Soho. With no flashy exterior or luxurious self promoting fallacy, just a simple board stating Japanese Tapas and Ramen. For me, this can quite often be the sign of a diamond in the rough and sure enough it is. It is no surprise why you find so many students with their Japanese escorts in this superb restaurant when they are cooking such amazing food as Salmon sashimi which was glazed with a blowtorch incorporating its delicate flesh with a smoky flavour. As for the Osaka Takoyaki or, batter Octopus balls prepared on an dimpled griddle served with Japanese Mayo and a unique Worcestershire sauce are worth a visit on their own. If there are two things we as a nation can appreciate that the Japanese have brought with them is their fantastic food and beautiful Japanese escorts London.

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