The Millennium Dome

The Millennium dome which is often referred simply as the Dome is a huge dome shaped building located on drawdock road (SE10 0BB). The project was commissioned way back in 1996 and the construction was completed in 1999 with the intention of the building being a place to recreate. Ultimately the Millenium dome was a financial failure becasue people did not want to visit the building as projected. For a building of this size the cost was tremendous – £789 million so the use after construction of was critical. More people booked Asian escorts in London than used the Millenium dome when it was made open to the public from 1st January to 31st December.


Even though it was a disaster overall the Millennium dome was and still is a symbol of pride for Brittain. Designed by the Richard Rogers Partnership, an architect firm who have built made buildings across London such as the Lloyd’s building, and One Hyde park. This brought the company great fame as the dome attracted so much attention from the media – probably more than any other in the last century. When firstly if you take out how much of a financial problem it caused the taxpayer and simply looking at the building, you will notice why it has attracted so much attention over the years. The Structure is beautiful – almost like a fantastically elaborate marque which sounds a bit crap but, when you see it in real life it is something amazing.

The main support columns are meant to symbolise the months of the year. This could have been an accident but, i think that the design was intentional as the whole revolved around time. Proposed to give London something to shout out and welcome to the new year in style. I really like the building personally becasue there nothing else like it in the world and it does make me proud of London and what great Britain can Achieve as a whole. It could be the next place at that you go and see a band at with a beautiful Asian play girl becasue, since 2004 the building is owned by 02 who rebranded the millennium dome as a venue for music events.

The power of the London dome is not an money making machine. It is a symbol of what Britain can think, design and build which shows to the world why England is such a great place. The James Bond movie Die another day feature the dome – James Bond actually fell onto it from a hot air balloon and only survived becasue he did. A clever piece of movie making that i will let you figure out for yourself.

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