the most important thing in a London escorts arsenal

What is the most important thing in any London escorts arsenal? IS it toys? Is it sexy outfits? Is it massive boobs? Is it a great incall place located in a great part of Central London?

Finding The Best London Escorts

All the above are very important for a London escort to have, in fact they are really very important! But the most important thing that a great, and I mean the very best, London escort should have is a winning attitude, a can do attitude, a friendly and out going lady who makes her clients feel welcome is the most important thing that anybody could be looking for.

A professional photo of the lovely Carmen the London escort

In return what is it that the London escorts expect? Well that is simple! To get the most out of your time with a London escort follow the following.

  1. Arrive on time
  2. Be clean
  3. Make sure that you arrive with a big smile
  4. Have payment ready and correct to pass over within five minutes of meeting
  5. Make sure that you also have a can do attitude
  6. Remember that the London escort that you are seeing is a human being, a real live person with a heart and feelings.

Some of these things would be common sense to most but you would be shocked at the number of people whose brains go out of the window when it comes to dealing with London escorts.

Why London Escorts Truly Make You Smile

That is one of the many reasons that so many choose to employ the services of London escort agencies and let them run their dairies and there bookings for them. It gives them the piece of mind to be able to carry on with what they do and not have to worry about any of the admin that goes along with it all, its also nice for the clients to know that the escort that they are seeing is giving it their all and that is very god to know.

The Best London Escorts Agency

Rachaels London Escorts agency has a very good reputation amongst the London escorts and so many sing their praises, I think that is why they have so many of the best girls on their books, word of mouth is a big thing when it comes to escorts and they love to share information with each other – remember that if you fancy being rude to one because it will not help you in the future with any incall or outcall bookings.