The New Black Cab

The black cab is a symbol of London that you will have seem in films and on the news around the world. So it a pretty big deal when a new version is announced. In Formally known as the Hackney Carriage by the locals the taxi is licensed by the Public carriage office in greater London and in various other districts across the UK (It is mainly known in London) this will of course be a classy way of getting the sexy London escorts around the busy city!


Plans for a new cab that will be released by the end of 2015 have just been unveiled.  So lets take a first look at what it will be like:


Firstly and most obviously it is now going to be a Nissan unit. So the old cabs are going to be found on sites like the Quid list as this one has some features which are surely going to lower things like tax etcetera. The new London government is very green indeed; in fact the mayor of London is also a lover of “renewable” resources and that is why he came up with the Boris bikes which have been a great success over the last few years. So it is no surprise that the next cab for London will be completely electric powered which begs the question of power up points. Taxis Drivers travel Long distances around the streets of London so there is going to have to be some really efficient way to top the cars up with power – otherwise cabbies simply will not use them. The solution that it has always been in the past is to use a hybrid system which is a hell of a lot cleaner than regular engines but, it is still not 100% “clean”


The new cab will not have any emissions, which is surely going to make the friends of the earth happy, but, will the taxi drivers like the new system at a cost of £30, 000? Well the question will be answered in the method of value; will electric power prove to be more cost effective than Diesel? If the answer is yes then i really think that we are going to be seeing a lot more of these little Nissan Taxis whizzing around London. Which is great because London’s air has always had pretty bad pollution and this will at least take some of it always.

There are doubts cast over the new cab however and we know that Nissan know this because they have released a petrol version of the taxi which is going to be released before the electric model. Most public doubt is over the looks which are not the best in the world. Its certainly not a car that I would be happy buying!

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