Top 5 burger joints in London

I’m someone that enjoys a more basic way of eating, no knives and forks involved. I love something where I get to dig in with my hands and feel manly whilst doing so, that’s probably why I like burgers so much. What man on this world does not like a tender piece of superbly cooked meat coated in various different condiments, lathered in cheese with toppings thrown generously over, then finally wrapped in a soft and warm, freshly made bun. Since London are full of five star restaurants, it’s no wonder that they have just out of this world burger joints. But which ones are the ones worth noting?

The Bleecker St. Double cheeseburger is a patty constructed of two mouth watering hunks of meet, it is served simply with just sliced white onion, american style cheese and a toasted bun around it. There is however a very special sauce that is included in the burger. It costs £7.90



The ‘Dead Hippie’ is a double cheeseburger that consists of two mustard fried beef patties, american cheese and another type of special sauce. This unlike the Bleecker, sits on a bed of crinkle cut pickles, shredded ice berg lettuce and minced white onions. The different types of mustard and sauce just compliment each other excellently. You can bag one for £8.50.


How about the Buffalo bill? the buffalo bill is loosely packed and scrumptious, it’s aged to perfection and delivers a seriously unforgettable taste. A mustardy mayo matches up with sweet vinigary pickled onions, chedder is melted all over this combination to improve it. It is finally put into a super soft brioche bun. It costs £8


This is my personal favourite, the Dip and Flip burger. Yes it’s cooked to medium rare, and yes it’s american cheese covered with a bed of slaw and pickles, yes it’s put into a brioche bun. But what makes this burger a cut above the rest? Possibly the fact that a roast topside of beef is thrown into the concoction. £9.95 is the highest price for a burger, but believe me it’s worth it. The consideration put into the construction of this burger equals that of the International Bunnies putting the detail into their sessions.


Last but certainly not least, is the MEATMarket ‘Black Palace Burger’. Meat market opened in 2012 in may and ever since its humble beginnings it has been serving exceptionally cooked foods, the Black Palace Burger is no different. Steamed, griddled onions are used in order to create this masterpiece, that added to a patty cooked to immaculately then smothered with cheese and put into to a squishy glazed bun makes the Black Palace burger what it is. I forgot to mention its own unique special sauce as well. It costs £7.50 and is quite frankly one of the nicest tasting burgers you’ll eat.


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