Top attractions in London.

London is my 2nd favourite city in the UK. Its only second becasue i am from the North west and it would only be natural to put the great MCR at the top of my list. I do travel down to London quite a lot however as it is of course the capital and the most populous city in the UK – i don’t come down to study population statistics though. Its all about the attractions! London has many of them, probably one for every single person on the planet, apart from perhaps the weather but, in summer it can get very hot. Coming up with a top ten list of attractions in London was pretty hard, not becasue there are not enough, its because there is so many to choose from. In thinking of this article  i wanted to share something that could be for the general public. Something that anyone would come here and say “yeah i fancy checking that out”, something that i think everyone should visit on their first time to London or still, on the tenth time.

The London eye.


A little Cliche yes, but thats why you are coming to London right? The London eye is perfect for anyone who wants to see the tranquil backdrop of the London vista from the heavens – its a rather romantic experience and certainly a place that i would take my girlfriend to on a first trip to London. The price is pretty high if i remember correctly and it can be very crowded on valentine’s day for example.


Big Ben


Big ben is probably the most iconic building in the World. This gothic tower ha been the backdrop to many films, but its so much more amazing to see in real life. When you go to Big ben you will also find yourself in the town of Westminster which is full of other great sights to see as it is right in the heart of London.


Parklane angels.


More of the naughty side of things. The parklane angels is a high class London escorts service which serves clients around the city. If you want to hook up with a beautiful model for the evening and then have no strings attached then this probably the best way to do it.


Buckingham Palace


Buckingham palace is a symbol of England is all about. The Palace is probably one of the most beautiful buildings in the UK and the areas surrounding it is also very nice. If you want to see more of the palace there are tours held on a regular basis.


Hyde Park


Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in London and the site of the original Crustal palace building which was burnt down. If you fancy a peaceful stroll though beautiful greener next to the great city then i can not recommend it anymore.