Wales in London

Have you heard of the new forum site, Wales in London? It’s is one of those cool, new innovative forums which truly breaks the barrier between the cities that can be found in two other countries. As a welsh person that live in Wales, you’d always want to keep in sync with what’s going on in your home country. But researching endlessly and looking up new things can be quite annoying as well as time consuming, get everything done and more in a time space which you wouldn’t have usually expected. One of the slogans that Wales in London have, is ‘we build links’, this means that they’re intentions are to create connections between you and many aspect of the welsh community. This could be through sport, politics, media, pretty much anything really. As long as you have an interest in it, I’m sure that they’ll find someone in the opposing country that does too.

As every well-established company has, there are a select few speakers which have represented the company previously, some very important people too. Take his excellently Miroslav Wlachovsky the Slovakian ambassador, you don’t get many people that are more important than that. Other include Fiona Myslopwho is a secretary cabinet, MP Hon David Jones, Jamie Baulch and many more. You can find local newsletters on the site too. These are filled with cool events that you can get involved in, such as the evening with singers from the welsh international academy of voice. You could go along and support the evening and have a swell time doing it.

So if you’re welsh and in London, maybe it’d be a good idea to have a look at the Wales in London website? I think you’d be how pleased with how excellent this organisation is. The only one problem is that they can’t bring over the Sanctum Tantric girls to show the companions in London who’s boss in the art of tantric massage London.


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