What is an international escort? Should you book one?

It should be no surprise to you that there are many men and women out there who exclusively book the use of escorts for their own recreational time and activities. It’s a legal twist on the oldest profession in the world, one that is becoming more popular day by day. Many working individuals today do not have the time to invest or the taste for developing a relationship through dating, and therefore they turn to an easy solution; hiring an escort.


When you are browsing the web looking for a fine new escort to book as a companion, every now and again you will probably come across the term ‘international’ accompanying some escort profiles and agencies. In this article we shall cover what an ‘international escort’ means and the various reasons to hire one.

In simple terms, an international escort is a call girl who essentially works abroad. To define it a little more broadly would be an escort has a passport, is free for extended booking periods, and who is ready to travel to other countries to meet customers and go on vacations with various clients. If you want to book a companion to go on an intimate week long holiday retreat with you, you’ll have to find a suitable escort.


How is an international escort different from a normal escort?

It’s relatively common to see a normal escort pretending to be an international traveler to get more customers. However, you should keep an eye out for this because standard escorts don’t always have the experience or the qualities that make a decent international companion. Any quality international companion will usually differ from regular escorts in a few key ways:

  • International escorts are booked for longer periods of time. A regular escort is typically hired for a few hours or an evening of fun. International escorts tend to operate in weeks instead of in hours. This means international escorts are prepared to spend much more time in your company, possibly sleeping alongside you in your hotel for a week or two.
  • International escorts have better personalities. If you book a regular escort for an hour of sex, it’s quite possible that you will spend most of that time doing the dirty. Conversation isn’t always a priority. However, if you take an international escort on holiday with you for a week, it’s very likely you will be spending every day together. Because of this, the best international escorts are good conversationalists and know how to keep you entertained.
  • International escorts require more work. For a normal escort meeting a new client usually isn’t a big deal. There’s a short veto period while she establishes whether she can trust you or not. Soon after that you will get together. On the other hand, booking an international girl requires a lot more bureaucracy. She needs passports, luggage, and various other things prepared before you can whisk her away abroad.
  • International escorts are far more expensive. When it comes to booking a girl for an hour, a one off payment of £300 isn’t that much. When booking a girl to take on holiday with you, not only are you buying her drinks and meals for the whole holiday but also paying for her services the entire time. The rates on escorts who work internationally are usually quite fair, but when paired with the expenses of the holiday it can amount to a very steep number.
  • International escorts usually provide GFE. If you haven’t heard of GFE, otherwise known as GirlFriend Experience; it’s a type of escort service that revolves around your escort treating you like an intimate boyfriend. While this isn’t always the case, most customers hiring a companion to go abroad with them do it because they want a hot girl to pamper them.


Is it worth considering an international companion?

Ultimately it boils down to whether you want to pay to bring a gorgeous escort along with you to your holiday destination. Hiring a companion to come with you and explore a new country isn’t going to be cheap, but it’s definitely a way to considerably heighten the pleasure and experience you have on vacation.

Our personal recommendation is for international escorts; but only if you find the perfect companion to complement your time abroad. Taking a hot girl on holiday with you is all good and fun until you realize she’s not particularly good company. We’d recommend picking your travel companion wisely, because an escort can make your time away either memorable good or horribly unforgettable.


Remember to choose carefully ladies and gentlemen! We wouldn’t want your time in another country to be awful because you picked a horrible lady to accompany you!