What Makes An Elite London Escorts Agency?

What makes a good London escorts agency?

The first thing that will spring into your mind will of course be “girls!”  This is correct of course, but there’s a little more to the making of a really good elite London escorts agency and we’re going to share a few insights with you…

The girls are of paramount importance in the success of any London agency these days.  There are so many young and attractive London call girls that clients often become overwhelmed with the choice.  This is why it’s important for an agency to have qualities that shine too.

London escorts customer service

Customer service is one of the most important qualities an escort agency can possibly have.  Your first point of contact with us will be when you pick up the phone and get through to our friendly telephone operators.  You should know that we place customer service at the top of our list of priorities and you will get nothing but the best when you place a booking through Movida Escorts.

It’s not just being able to take a booking, it’s more about the little things that aren’t always at the forefront of an agency’s mind these days.  Having an English telephone operator is a simple thing, but it helps a lot.  Being able to communicate to a particular standard and to a variety of people from all over the world is also essential.  As is of course being able to add little touches like being able to suggest a suitable alternative in the unlikely event one of the London escorts you chose is unavailable.

Unique selling points

This seems to be the buzz phrase of today doesn’t it?  Perhaps you already work in an industry that’s always asking what your “USPs” are.  It’s a good point to raise though, even if we hate the jargon style in which it’s used so often at the moment.  London escorts provide a service and the agencies they choose to represent them have to offer unique ways in which to get bookings for the girls.

Even though we’ve flagged it as the most important attribute, good customer service won’t always cut it.  When it comes to listing elite London escorts, the type that offer services above and beyond and are highly sought after internationally, an agency really needs to work hard.  Our own agency has a member’s only gallery where we house some of the finest young women on the planet who are a lot more discreet and select about whom they meet with.

Having this as a unique selling point is very advantageous of course, since many other agencies do not have the same facility.  They don’t have it because most of them list the same girls and do not have a list of highly discreet and often exclusive London escorts on their databases.  It’s very important to consider that when you choose an escorts agency, those with these type of “USPs” are more than likely at the high end of the industry

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