Where to take out a high class escort in London

When we gentlemen hire a high class escort, one of the most enjoyable parts of the experience is taking her out for a romantic evening, to indulge in a few glasses of wine, a delicious meal and some refined conversation. It’s an almost integral part of high class companionship encounters. While the whole experience tends to be quite unlike a real date, it often tends to follow a similar format.

When you want to take out one of your luxurious London escorts out on a date, there’s too many options available and only a very select few restaurants that serve as a perfect location for taking out an escort. We know this, so if you’re having a little trouble we’ve got a few suggestions for you to keep in mind.

Sophisticated and luxurious locations to take your London escort on a date


1: Restaurant Gordon Ramsay – 14 locations

With a whole host of Michelin starred restaurants and bars throughout London, we can’t think of a better chain to consistently deliver divine meals in a dazzling atmosphere. No matter what type of food you’re into, there’s an array of different palettes so you can always get your fill. Gordon Ramsay knows good grub, and you and your London escort will surely attest to that after you enjoy a delicious meal in any of his London establishments. Try the Murano, that’s our favorite.


2: Alain Ducasse – Dorchester

Wonderful French cuisine and some of the best in the world at that, Alain Ducasse is truly one of the most high class places to dine in London. With three Michelin stars and a breathtaking interior, this is definitely one of the best places to take a London escort on the most deluxe date. Highly recommended, you can thank us later when you’ve eaten there. Fantastic.


3: Rasoi Indian restaurant – Chelsea

Although setting up an appointment with a London escort for an evening and taking her out for curry sounds like a terrible idea on paper and in practice; there’s one exception to this circumstance, Rasoi. This eatery has the best Indian meals you can order in the UK. Going to Rasoi for a meal is a truly enjoyable experience, the venue is pleasant and the food is stuff your belly delectable.

Where to book your high class London escorts

Now you have our favorite places in the city for amazing meals and romantic atmospheres. We can honestly say we leaned more towards the delicious meals because you know your companion is going to appreciate good food more than a candlelit dinner, as should you.

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