Why London Hotties Is My Directory Of Choice

Recently I’ve been really intrigued by the prospect of hiring a London escort. But I had no idea how to go about it, it’s not like I can just ask my group of mates who like me, had never hired an escort. I scrolled through google and looked at a few posts on Reddit but all I saw was judgemental people listing reasons as to why your a loser for hiring an escort.

However, I did find a useful discussion a few weeks back online, saying I should use a London escorts directory. It recommended looking to use London Hotties and https://www.cherrygirls.co.uk. I had an extensive look over these two sites and decided to bite the bullet and I cant put into words how happy I am that I made the decision to ignore the stigma behind hiring an escort because I had the best night of my life. So I decided to write this article for similar minded people to me who are curious to experience a night with an escort and are stuck in a position I was in a few weeks back.

First I can’t recommend using a directory highly enough. I gained every bit of information I needed and I was put in touch with the right people so easily due to all the contact details. I felt like all the work was already done for me and all I had to do was choose which escort I wanted my first experience to be with and that was very hard because all the girls looked unbelievable. But next time I decide that I may fancy another night of pleasure personally I would use London Hotties over Cherry Girls for these simple facts.

The Look Of The Site

London Hotties website is a really nice professional set up. The house style of blue and pink was really eye-catching for me and separated the excellent quality photos up nicely. I found navigating around the website because of this very easy and I found the girls that really got my pulse racing jumped out of the page at me. Whereas Cherry girls is the complete opposite. In my opinion, their website was quite cluttered with images, promotions and blog posts dotted around everywhere. I just never really felt at ease using the site because it just didn’t look professional. I’d read beforehand there was a lot of fraud website about in the escort industry and I had to google if Cherry Girls had a good reputation simply because the website did not fill me with confidence, I can confirm it is a trustworthy site but I just felt London Hotties professional feel really put me at ease when using the site.

Searching For The Right London Escort

image of a megans modelI had an absolute nightmare trying to find the escort I really wanted on Cherry Girls. Not because they don’t have stunning girls because they do, absolutely gorgeous they are, but I found the way you searched for the escorts such a pain. You would have to search by agency which I thought was a good idea till I used the feature. Most of the agencies had very few girls actually on the site and when I did find the one, sadly she wasn’t in my location which really annoyed me. I felt like I was going around In circles and I was getting quite annoyed with the site and that’s when I switched London Hotties. Instead of searching via agencies, the search function was by location and then it would show all the girls and agencies that offered services in that location. This was so easy because I now had a page of girls I knew I could see, instead of scrolling through hundreds to hopefully find a few girls that are in your location. I found a stunning girl from https://www.megansmodels.com and I had all the details I needed in front of me. It was so easy I rung up with the number provided and their team was really friendly and made sure my first time was an experience I’d never forget.


From the get-go, London Hotties state they have 490 escort agencies and 60 independent escorts registered to their site. Now that is such a huge choice that everybody will find their perfect girl. With updates, tweets and news in the top right corner, you can see when they add new girls and agencies to the site which is a really nice feature. However, I still don’t truly know how many girls were on Cherry Girls. Going through the agencies I’m sure I saw the same girl a few times over each agency. I just don’t think the choice was as great especially location wise and this was quite disappointing for me who waste a good few hours on their site. But we live and learn and now I know exactly what directory site to use in the future.

I hope this has helped you out. My advice would be to bite the bullet and don’t let peoples clouded perceptions of hiring an escort stop you because it was the best thing I’ve done.